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RUSH: Here’s Vincent in Potomac, Maryland. Hey, Vincent, thank you for the call.

CALLER: Rush, after listening to your interview of Justice Thomas and being in utter awe of his character and feeling so proud to have him on my Supreme Court, you ended that interview, Rush, with a half hour left to go on your show. You came back from that interview and you played the sound bites of low-voiced, monotone-voiced, heathen Reid, and I went from feeling so proud of my country, Rush, to feeling so depressed about my country. And, Rush, may I mention the name of a blog?

RUSH: The name of a blog?

CALLER: Yeah, MediaReform.com. Rush, if we take on the media, these things will stop, because the media didn’t come down on Reid. The media didn’t come down on Harkin. And that’s the only reason that Reid and Harkin did what they did, Rush, is because they know the media’s not going to go simply to your website and listen to your show and play the sound bite that proves —

RUSH: That’s true. Well, they’re on the same side, for crying out loud. Although, I gotta tell you, some of the television media did not pick up Dingy. The cables did, but the broadcast nets pretty much stayed away from this. They covered a little bit, but it hasn’t been the bloodbath. The Washington Post, I don’t think, has written about it yet. The New York Times wrote about it yesterday in a typical Media Matters prepared press release disguised as a news story. I got a lot of requests from people to replay the Clarence Thomas interview. Now, that interview, we made available as a self-contained podcast a couple days ago, which means you can get it either directly through our website as a podcast or through iTunes. We also put it up on RushLimbaugh.com as a download. You have to be a member.

You know, we took his book to number one. He finished on 60 Minutes Sunday night number five and by the end of Monday he was number one on Amazon, and got past Alan Greenspan. One of the disappointing things about this brouhaha that has happened the last eight days is it has totally covered, at least on this program, the discussion of the interview with Justice Thomas and his book. It is a fabulous book. This guy is exactly right. It is inspirational. You talk about a life of hard knocks and overcoming them, and to be as humble as he remains, soft-spoken but full of fun and good cheer, got one of the most infectious laughs that you have ever heard. The name of the book is My Grandfather’s Son. And there are pictures in the book of like when he graduated from Yale, it’s a hilarious picture. And when he was growing up and so forth, picture of him as an altar boy. Really, really, really powerful work that he wrote himself.

By the way, speaking of other books, Ann Coulter’s new book is out. It is hilarious! The thing is absolutely hilarious. I’ve read little excerpts. She has a great column, by the way, her most recent column — she’s upset, too that this brouhaha with me has covered the release of her book, If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans. And she says things that really provoke the left — like, if we took away the right of women to vote in this country, we’d never elect Democrats again. And, of course, she’s not suggesting we take the vote away, but that’s how the libs believe it. It’s amazing how easy it is for her to pull their strings. If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans. It’s Ann Coulter’s new book. There are a lot of books out there right now that are really worth getting and reading, and more on the way.

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