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Dear Rush,

Mega-dittos from one of the soldiers adopted for your Rush 24/7. I’m writing this from the MWR in Tallil AFB, Iraq. After reading your Friday ‘phony soldiers’ monologue, I had Democrats pegged as stuck on stupid and it’s still hard to believe they are THAT stupid to accuse you of besmirching us, given their track records. And, come to think of it, they besmirch us yet again at the same time they accuse you because to go by whatever they pass off as ‘reasoning’, to believe that you besmirched us would be lumping all REAL soldiers and veterans with Jesse MacBeth and all other scumbags like him.

What was the point of passing the recent ‘Stolen Valor Act’? Well, anyway, here’s a copy of the email I sent to my House Rep, John Carter R-TX; as well as my Senators, Kay Bailey Hutchison R-TX and John Cornyn R-TX. It reads:

Dear Senator Cornyn,

I am a soldier in the Texas Army National Guard currently deployed and stationed in Iraq. I am with the 3/144th Infantry and we are at Tallil AFB. I’m also a fan of the radio comedian, Rush Limbaugh. I have been since I first watched his TV show in the early ’90s and listened to his radio show all through college. Currently, I am a free subscriber, under his Adopt-a-Soldier Program, to his Rush 24/7 service and I always read his webpage when I access the Internet at the MWR here. So I’m calling your attention to this page here:


As you read it, you will see that Rush is being accused, falsely, of trying to besmirch the troops with a commentary he made recently about ‘phony soldiers.’ I read that particular commentary when it was posted and it was quite clear to me that his main focus of that commentary was a man (and I use the term loosely, I might add) named Jesse MacBeth, a star of the ‘anti-war’/pro-Al-Qaeda movement who became such a celebrity after he claimed to some news outlet that he was a former Corporal in the US Army Rangers, recipient of the Purple Heart, and a witness to atrocities committed by US troops in Iraq — all of which were not only proven false, but MacBeth himself has been convicted this past week of submitting a false VA Claim and falsifying his DD-214. As it turned out, he was in the Army…for all of 44 days. He didn’t graduate basic training, let alone Ranger School, so he was never in Iraq and never got the Purple Heart. He was one of many frauds and hoaxes propped by the Democratic Party and groups like Media Matters, Code Pink, and MoveOn.org in an attempt to push their agenda.

As you read further, you will find some of the most ridiculous and hypocritical commentary ever uttered by members of Congress in our history coming from DNC Chair Howard Dean, Webb, Schakowsky, and especially John Kerry among others, all with a clear history of besmirching — and in the case of Murtha, actually Nifonging — the troops themselves. That is some of the most ridiculous BS I’ve ever heard from politicians and would actually be funny if I wasn’t over here. These freaks have no room to talk, and even now by accusing Rush Limbaugh of besmirching us, they are still besmirching us by trying to bring us down to the level of Jesse MacBeth and his ilk. Now that’s real insulting, and I would want my congressman to call those a[—–]es (excuse the language but I don’t know what else to call them that can actually be nice) on it. What was the point of the recently-passed Stolen Valor Act? They owe us an apology for this, not Rush. Rush Limbaugh has been one of the most supportive voices we have left in the media, with quite a few servicemen who may very well owe their freedom and reputations to him for his publicly defending them while they’re being Nifonged by the media and certain members of Congress. I wouldn’t listen to him nor read his website daily if he wasn’t. So I’m asking of you, sir, not only to defend Rush and his First Amendment Rights, but more to defend our honor and reputations from those of your colleagues in the House and the Senate who say they support us on one hand and then undermine, besmirch, and Nifong all of us, from the President and Gen. Petraeus to the newest private. Don’t let their sickening hypocrisy stand. Call them out on the floor — and do it publicly, please.

I thank you for your time, SSG David [—-]
D Company, 3/144th Infantry
LSA Adder, Tallil, APO AE 09331

Well, that’s my letter in a nutshell. Use it if you wish, because that kind of hypocrisy from the likes of Kerry and his ilk shouldn’t stand. I also sent a copy to Hannity. Thanks for the years of fun watching your TV show and listening to you on the radio.

Keep up the great work.


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