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RUSH: Chickification of the news. Perfectly good example of it. Wednesday night on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, she did a report on the evening news, the CBS evening news where they have 22 minutes to do the news of the day, she did a report on the happiness gap.

COURIC: It’s called the happiness gap, and it’s big and getting bigger. In the seventies, women were happier than men. Today, according to two new studies, they’re not. Women may be more unhappy these days because they’re often holding down two jobs, working for a paycheck, and as the CEO of their households. Men don’t want to do the dishes, and according to these latest studies, they aren’t. While they’re working fewer hours than they used to, they’re not using the extra time doing household chores, or anything else they deem unpleasant. No wonder they’re feeling better. Yet another study found more working fathers today feel pulled between their jobs and their families. So apparently these days there’s enough unhappiness to go around.

RUSH: Oh, my God, folks, this is the CBS Evening News, and they’re having an argument over men who won’t do the dishes, and how this has made women miserable. They were happier in the seventies. Wonder why that might be? If it’s even true. This is such patented BS. Reminds me of the story from Great Britain about this, some European Union guy came out and said, ‘You know, the pay gap in the European Union is too great,’ and it’s because women have to spend too much time at home, and they want to make it voluntary at first. Guys have to give up some hours at work and spend the time at home so the wife can leave home and go out and climb the corporate ladder. It’s always women, minorities, victims, hardest hit. No wonder men are happy. And, of course, the underlying theme of all this is, nobody’s really happy. The country is so unfair; it’s so rotten; it’s so prejudiced; it’s so bigoted; nobody is happy, and we’re going to do a story on the CBS Evening News to tell you, even if you’re happy, you shouldn’t be happy, because there are so many people unhappy, and it’s not right for you to be happy, if so many people, especially women, aren’t happy. This is what passes for hard news on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. It’s just very sad. It’s just very sad to see a once-great institution like this be devoted to the chickification of the news.

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