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RUSH: Sarah, Wilmington, Delaware, you’re next on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: I was watching Family Guy last Sunday and there was a scene where it sounded like I heard a voice and then I saw your name in the credits and I wanted to know how that came about.

RUSH: I was sitting here minding my own business and we got a call from Seth MacFarlane, who is the creator of the program. This was back in, gee, I think it was April or May, and he said, ‘We’re working on our season premiere for next season, ’07, and we’re doing a little Star Wars thing and we have a little bit of the script we’d like you to do, would you do it?’ They sent what the script was and it was fine, so I said, ‘Sure, I’d love to.’ On the day they recorded it, I recorded it here in my studio and they were out in Hollywood or wherever they are, and I guess it took about 20 minutes to get it the way they wanted it done, and they were as nice as they could be. It was a lot of fun to do.

CALLER: Do you ever watch the show?

RUSH: I had never seen it. I had to go find out what it was about. I don’t watch cartoons. I haven’t seen the Simpsons, either, in a long, long time. Nothing against it. Cartoons, to me, are for eight years old.

CALLER: Sure. Can I also tell you back when I was 19 — I’m 29 now — I once gave $20 to President Clinton’s defense fund and shortly after that I started to listen to you, and I started to think, and then I went on to go to law school and I became president of the Republican group at my law school, and I’m now practicing law, but I am definitely conservative and been listening to you for ten years, and you are the one who changed my thinking. I just want to thank you for that.

RUSH: Well, that is nice of you to say. I appreciate that. I love hearing these kinds of stories, because whether you know it or not, this kind of thing happens a lot and this threatens the Democrats, it threatens the left, and it makes me a bit of a target, to which I say, ‘Bring it on.’ But you’re very kind. I really appreciate that. Thanks so much. Are you practicing law in Wilmington?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: I have a lot of friends that live in Wilmington. Well, not a lot, three or four. Good golf buddies.

CALLER: It’s a great place to live.

RUSH: Yeah. It’s close enough to Philadelphia without being there.

CALLER: Yeah, I’m from Philly but I moved here to practice law. It’s a great legal environment.

RUSH: I’m going to be in Philadelphia on the 11th of October.

CALLER: I did hear that.

RUSH: Yeah. It’s going to be interesting and fun. (laughing)

CALLER: Yeah, I should have tried to get tickets, but I did not do that.

RUSH: Well, you never know, there might be a way. Let me put you on hold here for a second, see if we can — look, there’s always tickets.


RUSH: These things sell out in a matter of minutes, but there are always tickets.

CALLER: Yeah, I think it sold out pretty quick and I’m actually a new mom so I didn’t have time to try and get the tickets.

RUSH: Well, are you going to be able to go?

CALLER: I would make time to go.

RUSH: Well, wonderful. Hang on and we’ll find a way to get you some tickets, okay?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush!

RUSH: You bet. Thank you, Sarah. Appreciate it. Don’t hang up. Mr. Snerdley will — don’t get her phone number in there, Snerdley, just get an address. She’s a new mom. Oh, that’s right, you can get her phone number, she’s a new mom. Have to keep Snerdley within the guardrails on occasion.

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