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RUSH: I went to the Washington Post today and there’s a little blog, and it’s amazing. They throw Russert under the bus in their analysis, and they claim that Hillary was the most presidential she’s ever been, artfully dodging the question but not with a shrill voice. It reminded me of those days, remember how Clinton lied to the press all the time, and they just sat there and marveled at how good he was at it? ‘Wow, what a great politician. Why, this guy, he lies better than anybody we’ve ever seen!’ They marveled and they envied him. We got stories throughout the presidency, ‘Well, you know, these white lies are actually pretty good. They don’t hurt anybody’s feelings; spare a bunch of sadness and discord and all this.’ This blog entry at the Washington Post, I think by a woman, too, if I’m not mistaken, says basically the same thing. Mrs. Clinton was so good in dodging these questions; she didn’t raise her voice; she didn’t laugh; she didn’t cackle; she drew an invisible line in the sand for Russert with her left hand; she was masterful. I said to myself, look at how the Drive-Bys in Washington will just massage this and spin this to make her look like a queen even if it meant throwing Russert under the bus, which they did. The Washington Post threw Russert under the bus, for the way he was behaving. Well, for Mrs. Clinton’s artfully making Russert look like he was a bully or what have you, which goes to the whole girl thing. You know, everybody is worried — how can we attack Hillary? She’s a girl, there are certain things you can’t do.
By the way, remember they were asked for a favorite biblical scripture in the debate, and Mrs. Clinton said hers was the Golden Rule? Actually the Golden Rule is not referenced in the Bible, but the verse is. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?’ I think that’s a good rule for politics. I was wondering, does that mean we can lop off the heads of terrorists, Mrs. Clinton? Do unto others as — I tell you, this is just code words, and I think it is pretty gutsy for her to say the Golden Rule. Because it perfectly describes the way the Clintons go about dealing with their opponents. She’s basically saying screw everybody else before they screw you, thus get some FBI files, thus, partner up with George Soros and get a bunch of front groups that apparently are just independent think tanks, 501(c)(3)s, which are actually Hillary front groups, and you get ready to screw anybody before they screw you. So do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is not the way Mrs. Clinton operates.


RUSH: Here’s TheHill.com: ‘$600,000 Aimed at Clinton’ is the headline.

‘Sensing that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) will win the Democratic presidential nomination, Republican Party operatives are stepping up their political attacks on the former First Lady but are wary of going too far with their criticisms because she is a woman. As with the other Democratic White House hopefuls, GOP strategists are concerned that extremely aggressive rhetoric against Clinton could backfire. However, they point out that they are devoting significant resources to defeat her.’ Well, that’s comforting. They are devoting significant resources — oh, you mean they’re going to try to beat her? Well, that’s good to hear, isn’t it? Hubba hubba. Wary of going too far: Extremely aggressive rhetoric could backfire.

‘Richard Collins, a wealthy Texas businessman and a leading organizer of Stop Her Now, a political committee devoted to opposing Clinton’s White House bid, told The Hill his group will spend $500,000 to $600,000 between now and February targeting her candidacy. Stop Her Now will use humor in its attacks against Clinton to make them more appealing to swing voters. Its website features anti-Clinton cartoons and jokes of the week. It also has posted a spoof of The Tonight Show in which an unflattering parody of Clinton plays the role of Johnny Carson.’ You know, we see this playing out on the Democrat side. Why do you think Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Edwards are out there ripping into Hillary rather than their husbands? Because they’re afraid. Testicles in the lockbox, too, in Hillary’s lockbox. They’re afraid; can’t hit the girl. Mrs. Clinton, folks, she is an expert at playing the victim. But I just want to ask you, those of you who have seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, at any time in that movie did the character of Nurse Ratched come across to you as a victim?

The real Nurse Ratched didn’t want to be a victim. Mrs. Clinton does, which ought to insult every feminist out there, but, of course, it won’t because whatever it takes to win, the feminists will support. This thing about Hillary being a girl, this is just another wall that the Drive-Bys have erected to guilt everybody into shutting up. You can’t attack her. Why, she’s a woman, plus she’s Hillary, who do you think you are? Look what happened to Russert in the Washington Post. They threw him overboard for a tough question. So it’s just political correctness; can’t be mean to the girl. It’s akin to saying that Lee Bollinger was rude, impolite, shouldn’t have said anything. Mahmoud’s not even a girl, that we know. We do know he’s not very tall. As Jonah Goldberg said today, he might even need a stepladder to get to the urinal. But he’s not a girl. Were they true to their beliefs, though, they’d be shouting about feminism and ‘I am Woman: I can do anything you can do better; I can open my own damn doors; I’m just as strong as any damn man.’

If Mrs. Clinton were being true to feminism, and if feminism were really something that was going to launch her, she wouldn’t be playing the victim card. She’d be out there attacking these people. She’d be a Lady Thatcher. Lady Thatcher, Golda Meir, they never played the victim. Indira Gandhi never played the victim, just like Nurse Ratched never played the victim. So the key question that needs to be asked every single time this happens is, is there anything I have said that’s not true? If so, prove it. Whenever somebody says something about her, whenever somebody asks her a question where somebody levels a charge, wait a minute, is there something about this that’s not true? We have let the Drive-Bys and the politically correct among us guilt us, embarrass us, take away jobs, keep everybody timid. This is a presidential campaign. We need to get over all this and demand the truth, regardless of the poor-little-woman act that she might display now and then.

Mike in Kettering, Ohio, nice to have you, glad you waited, and welcome.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Hillary, by saying she’s not going to bring home the troops, has done it again, she just won the presidential election. And let me tell you why I think this. The libs and the Democrats are going to vote for her no matter what she says, but you’ve got the independents, who are not happy with the Republican Party, but they support the war. You’ve got the Republicans, who are not happy with Bush and his administration, but they support the war. Now they don’t have to feel guilty about voting for Hillary because she’s going to keep the war going, and she’s not going to bring the troops home, and I say she won the election. I think it was a smart move on her part.

RUSH: I think you’re misinterpreting what these independents are going to think. I don’t think independents are fooled into thinking — you’re talking about Reagan Democrats, not independents. You’re talking about Reagan Democrats, they don’t want a quagmire. Bush’s approval ratings of the war are low in part because the very people you’re talking about are just impatient and tired of the fact we haven’t kicked butt and now that we’re starting to, look at the polls, surge is working, people’s approval ratings — Mrs. Clinton is not going to kick butt. She’s going to be trying to figure a way to get them out of there, but she’s not going to be able to do it immediately and so forth. Too soon to say she’s won the presidency. Nobody can know the future. I don’t want you thinking that way. That’s defeatist and doom and gloom. I know you think it’s reality, but it isn’t reality yet because the election is still over a year away.


RUSH: I guess because Mrs. Clinton is a girl, we would then be safe from terrorists because terrorists wouldn’t invade her space or her country because she’s a girl. You can’t attack the girl, right? I’m making a point, Mr. Snerdley. Of course, they don’t care about she’s a girl. This business that she’s a woman and we can’t actively campaign against her, the Republicans can’t, well, the modern incarnation of it started with Rick Lazio when he invaded her space to give her a piece of paper, a pledge on some campaign finance reform proposal he had, and the Drive-Bys went (gasping) he’s attacking!


RUSH: We’re going to go back to the Democrat debate, and I want you to hear a couple things here, PMSNBC live, Dartmouth College, Tim Russert says to Mrs. Clinton, ‘Do you believe that the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Library should publish all the donors who give contributions to those two entities?’

HILLARY: Well, Tim, I actually cosponsored legislation that would have sitting presidents reveal any donation to their presidential library, and I think that’s a good policy.

RUSSERT: And the foundation?

HILLARY: Well, it would be the same, because that’s where the library comes from.

RUSSERT: Until such legislation, would they voluntarily, Bill Clinton library and Clinton Foundation, make the donors public?

HILLARY: Well, you’ll have to ask them.

RUSSERT: What’s your recommendation?

HILLARY: Well, I don’t talk about my private conversations with my husband, but I’m sure he’d be happy to consider that.

RUSH: Another dodge. She wouldn’t tell us what she thinks of making public the list of donors at the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. She’s probably going to talk to him about torture and a number of other things. Who knows what she talks to him about in private. She’s never going to tell us. Now, yesterday, the New York City, the Clinton Global Initiative press conference, unidentified reporter says, ‘Why didn’t Senator Clinton answer the question in the debate last night,’ about the funding of your massage parlor?

BILL CLINTON: She just thinks I’m entitled to speak for myself, just like I think she’s entitled to speak for herself. And she’s got no business being asked to speak for me in a presidential debate, just like I don’t try to speak for her unless I know what her position is. I don’t think I should disclose it unless there is some conflict of which I am aware, and there’s not, because a lot of people gave me money with the understanding that they could give anonymously, and some of them were Republicans. They may not want us to reveal their names, it may ruin their reputation in their own party.

RUSH: (Doing Clinton impression) ‘Republicans gave to my massage parlor, and they don’t want their reputations ruined,’ ha-ha, and the press starts laughing. What a guy. So I think it’s important to know who funded the darn thing, how much, we don’t know this. I don’t know what foreign countries — well, we have a pretty good idea.

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