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RUSH: There’s a sickening, depressing poll out — and one of the sickening, depressing things about it is it tells me I’m not working hard enough, and that’s depressing. This is a Rasmussen poll. Are you ready?

‘Forty-four percent of American adults say that health care services should be made available for free to all Americans. Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found that 39% disagree, 17% are not sure; 52% say that reducing health care costs is a higher priority than making sure everybody’s insured; 39% take the opposite view. Most Democrats, 57%, say that providing insurance for everybody is a top priority. Most Republicans, 71% — and those not affiliated with either party, 52% — say reducing costs should be the priority.’ Now, if you raise the ante on this, and if you ask the question: ‘Should beer be free for all Americans?’, 94% of the American people agree on this. Mr. Rasmussen needs to ask some questions: ‘If you had to stand in line for six months in order to get your gallbladder removed, would you support a nationalized health care system that you think is ‘free’?’ There are any number of questions like that that can be asked to totally change this around. But I’ll tell you, I think this is actually being very selfish, ladies and gentlemen. Why stop at Americans? We’re no better than anybody else. Why not free health care for everybody, globally, at all times? This is sort of like the minimum wage argument. What is the minimum wage now? Give me a ballpark figure. Let’s say $7.50. Don’t quote me on this. It’s a ballpark figure. It doesn’t matter: $7.50 is just what it is.

‘Well, why not ten?’

‘Yeah, that’s even better, Limbaugh. That’s a good idea.’

‘Okay, let’s make it 15.’

‘Weeeell, that sounds cool, too. I could live on that.’

‘Let’s screw that, let’s just guarantee everybody an income of $100,000 a year in this country.’

‘Well, we can’t do that.’

‘Well, why?’


At some point everybody reaches that level where they realize it’s not possible, and the simple thing about this is that, whatever the number is, it’s a flawed concept, this whole concept of the minimum wage. So 44% favor ‘free’ health care for all Americans. We getting close to the circumstance here, folks, where we’re living under mob rule. You let this number get over 50 or 55%, and you can forget it. You’re going to be paying for all those people’s free health care. But why stop at Americans? Free health care for everybody on the globe! In fact, why stop at people? After all, other species and the very planet itself have rights. Why not free health care for every domesticated animal? Free health care for every animal in the zoo! Where does this stop? And if we’re going to grant free health care to all Americans, who the hell are we? What right do we have to deny other peoples of the world free health care?


RUSH: About this Rasmussen poll on health care, Scott Rasmussen himself, 44% of the American people want free national health care, 44%, getting close to mob rule. Now, Rasmussen was on Fox Snooze this morning talking about his poll. One of the things he said was fascinating. He said, yeah, 44% of the American people want free health care, free national health care. But, he said, ‘If you look in the internals of my poll, 70% of the American people are satisfied with their coverage.’ Okay, we have a disconnect here: 70% are satisfied, yet 44% say they want free health care. You know what this reminds me of?

It reminds me of polls always taken during the economy’s downturns, or even in the good times. ‘What’s your opinion of the future?’ ‘It looks bad out there.’ ‘Why do you think that?’ ‘Well, I’m doing okay, but my neighbors I hear are not doing too well, the housing slump and the credit card crunch and all that.’ Well, how can that be? You’re doing okay, and so you feel bad that you’re doing okay because you think everybody else is down and out. Who’s responsible for that? Years and years, days and days, months and months, whatever you want to call it, however you want to characterize it, of negative coverage on the economy by the Drive-Bys. It’s the same thing here with health care. Seventy percent of the American people like their coverage and like the system — don’t mess with it! Fix it within the confines of making it even better.

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