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RUSH: Joy in Manhattan, I’m glad you called. Joy, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hello. Rush?


CALLER: Hi. Mega dittos once again from the Upper West Side.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I want to tell you that I’m not surprised that Columbia invited Ahmadinejad. I have Columbia’s alumni magazine from the spring, and in it is an article by Gary Sick on Iran and also a blurb by Richard Bulliet, who is a professor of history and a Middle East specialist at Columbia, and Bulliet says, ‘The idea that Iran is an existential threat to Israel borders on hysteria,’ and Gary Sick says essentially that Bush and the United States, are ‘demonizing’ Iran and Ahmadinejad in order to change the subject from Iraq, that they’re blaming Iran. Things aren’t going well in Iraq, so, therefore, it’s Iran’s fault.

RUSH: You know, when I hear that, it makes me wonder how long Bollinger has.

CALLER: (Laughing.)

RUSH: Because clearly what Bollinger said to Ahmadinejad is at great variance here with Gary Sick — who, by the way, has no credibility with me after that book of his on the October Surprise.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: I’ve never heard of Bulliet.

CALLER: He’s a history professor at Columbia.

RUSH: Well, I’m sure, but the academe is not my stomping grounds. I don’t own, for example, a sport coat with leather patches on the elbow, and I don’t smoke a pipe. But nevertheless —

CALLER: Well, would you wear a bow tie?

RUSH: Who?

CALLER: Bow tie.

RUSH: No. No bow tie. I try and wear ‘a’ tie, any kind, as infrequently as possible. But these guys are just… Iran poses no existential threat to Israel?

CALLER: Right. That it borders on the hysteria, all the hoopla about…

RUSH: You know, I hear all this, and I know it’s a great privilege if you are a parent, to get your child into an Ivy League school, but I wonder: Do you people who have your kids going there — it’s costing you what it’s costing you — ever wonder about the quality of the education they are getting there? We hear about how Big Pharma, Big Drug is destroying America, and Big Retailer, as in Wal-Mart, Big Oil. How about Big Ivy? How about the Ivy League? What the hell is the Ivy League doing to this country with these cookie-cutter little liberals that they’re manufacturing in there, not teaching them anything factual, or at least a worldview. I have addressed this on several previous occasions on this program and it’s one of the big problems conservatives face. Liberals want to infiltrate the government at every level of bureaucracy, and they train these kids at the Ivy League to wear the striped pants, wear the right shoes, look the right way, tie their knot in their tie the right way. That’s crucial. You can’t tie a Shelby double Windsor. You gotta tie a tie that looks weird. The knot has to be out of proportion and weird looking. It’s a studied attempt to look unkempt because you’re so intellectually busy you haven’t got time for trivia such as your appearance. Hairs grow out of your ears so long that people can see them from two feet away. It’s the uniform. Nose hair is the same way. Maybe a stain or two on the shirt, because you had to eat lunch in such a hurry to get back to your intellectual pursuits. You haven’t got time for these things, and you’re working. Nobody ever sees you anyway because you’re in the hallowed halls of the bureaucracy, and you’re there to infest and take over government and never leave it. Conservatives do not train their young kids and children and so forth to do such things in government. They choose to teach them to do it in the private sector.

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