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RUSH: I’ve been sitting here going through the news, doing the show prep for the news today, and I have a dilemma. Mrs. Clinton was all over television yesterday, five different Sunday shows. I don’t want to make this whole show about Hillary Clinton. I don’t want to establish the fact that we are that concerned about Hillary Clinton. She’s going to get the nomination, and I know that there’s some things that I gotta do, but I don’t want to devote all this time, so I’ve boiled down the primary news that she made into a montage, the most newsworthy, noteworthy, thing to come out of all of her appearances yesterday was this:

WALLACE: Why do you and the president have such a hyper-partisan view of politics?

HILLARY: (Cackle)

SCHIEFFER: It would require, among other things…

HILLARY: (Cackle) I’m sorry, Bob.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What’s your response?

HILLARY: (Cackle)

WALLACE: Send my best to the president.

HILLARY: (Cackle)

RUSH: That’s about it, folks. If you want four years of that, you need to stop and think seriously about what’s ahead.

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