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RUSH: We have learned a little bit more about the student who was Tasered at the John Kerry event. Senator Kerry (who served in Vietnam), the haughty senator from Massachusetts, ‘thought he was pacifying a potentially volatile situation when he allowed Andrew Meyer to approach the microphone Monday afternoon, even though the time allotted to Kerry’s speech at the University of Florida had already run out. ‘His first words were, ‘Senator Kerry, they’re trying to arrest me,” Kerry said in an interview yesterday. ‘I tried to calm him down and I stopped them from arresting him. I began to answer his question.” He went on to say, ”I was trying not to have a riot started,’ [Kerry] said. ‘I thought it was important to keep the place contained, I guess would be the best way to put it.” What planet is he on? This is ridiculous. One kid with students sitting there watching it all happen, and he’s worried about a riot breaking out. Anyway, it turns out that the kid’s a practical joker. He’s a well-known practical joker, and apparently succeeded in doing exactly what he wanted to do, and that is get himself on television to play a practical joke on Kerry and so forth, and everybody else — and he succeeded.

RUSH: Now, let’s go to Hardball last night with Chris Matthews. He was talking to Salon.com’s Joe Conason, who typifies the deranged Drive-By Media today. Matthews says, ‘I like people that yell at each other and argue publicly. What’s wrong with this?’

CONASON: Yeah, of course. Of course. The problem we have had for the last several years is that from the very top we’ve had a disrespect for people’s, uh, rights of free speech. It’s been very clear from the — almost from Inauguration Day, and as a result, you have cops doing things like they did to that kid the other day. Uh, it…it…

MATTHEWS: Well, that’s going to be… I hope that’s an iconic moment.

CONASON: A fish stinks from the head.

RUSH: That’s absolutely right. Because of the Bush administration ‘spying on Americans,’ we live in a police state now. That’s what he was trying to say. He was blaming all of this on Bush. You have some kid (who knows what his politics are, just a liberal kid or whatever), silenced at a liberal event. You had a liberal kid silenced at a liberal event with a liberal former Democrat nominee for president, a liberal university, and it’s George Bush’s fault! ‘The fish stinks from the head down!’ These people are nuts. They’re literally nuts. It’s hilarious, and it’s funny, but it’s still nuts. This typified what happened in a police state. Conason, I guess, didn’t know by this time when he went on Hardball, they go five o’clock live Eastern Time that this whole thing was a practical joke, apparently. This kid was laughing and joking and he told the cops, by the way, ‘You did the right thing.’ (laughing) He asked people to videotape what he was going to do. He asked two women to do it: one he knew and one he didn’t know. So, this is another great example. Here’s the narrative, and here’s their template: ‘Bush spying on Americans! Bush taking away freedoms! Bush taking away civil liberties!’ Bush this; Bush that. So virtually everything that happens they can fit it into their narratives.

It’s like the Duke rape case. The liberal narrative was there: ‘You had a poor black dancer, struggling against the odds that America presents black dancers — and she’s doing whatever she has to do to feed her little baby (sobbing) and put herself through school and the horrible thing, and she had to hire herself out as a stripper! (Crying.) What a horrible country we have! Ahh!’ and who hired her? A bunch of elite, snob, wealthy jocks! So when the courageous and brave stripper alleges rape, ‘A-haaaa! It happened! We got it! Rich white guys, spoiled jocks, wealthy kids, taking advantage.’ Of course, none of it was true. The narrative was right, but the facts got in the way. It’s the same thing here. You have a liberal kid at a liberal college campus, listening to a liberal Democrat former presidential candidate and current senator. He raises hell, will not shut up. They Taser the guy, and liberals say, ‘See what Bush has wrought?’ (laughs) Meanwhile, Kerry, who did nothing, is now trying to take credit for stopping a riot! (Laughing.) You just have to laugh.

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