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RUSH: I got an e-mail at RushLimbaugh.com from a subscriber.

‘Dear Rush: I’ve been a listener since 1988 when I worked a summer job with a buddy doing pavement evaluation. I’ve been a devout EIB listener, and I’ve been married for the past eight years. My wife, about three months ago, told me she didn’t want kids and decided to divorce me to further her career instead. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but my question to you is, now that I’m 39 years old, have a good job, have lots of money when the house is sold, but given that I’m in the state of Virginia I have to wait six months to do anything with the opposite sex. What the hell do I do in the meantime?’

So I wrote back, I said, ‘Celebrate.’ And he wrote back, said, ‘Will do.’ (Laughing.) You can celebrate in a lot of ways in six months. I didn’t know that law existed in Virginia, six months of celibacy during a divorce? I don’t know how they enforce it. Well, we could ask that same question about Mrs. Clinton’s health care proposal.

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