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RUSH: Lanny Davis is upset at me. The former Clinton spinmeister was on the Fox News Channel this morning on Fox and Friends, and Steve Doocy, who does the weather, interviewed Lanny Davis. He said, ‘Look, I know you’re familiar with Hillary. She wants to be president. She’s not come out and denounced this MoveOn.org ad. Do you think she should?’

DAVIS: Every single Democrat should say that MoveOn.org, using the expression General Betrayus is engaging in outrageous and, in my opinion, offensive rhetoric, but no less so than some of the hatemongering that I hear from Rush Limbaugh and some of the people on the right questioning the patriotism of people like MoveOn.org, who have a right under the First Amendment to say whatever they want. Why do we give them such credence, when nobody can take seriously that kind of outrageous exercise of their First Amendment rights, is to me amazing that you would start out with that subject rather than George Bush’s speech last night.

RUSH: So the conversation continues with Lanny Davis bringing me back into it.

DAVIS: Senator Clinton should denounce it. I don’t know why. But, again, you’re still focused on MoveOn.org rather than President Bush. Why are you not questioning Rush Limbaugh attacking patriotism? Why hasn’t Fox done one program about Rush Limbaugh? Would you answer that question? Let me interview you, Fox and Friends, for a second. Why MoveOn.org, which I denounce, why are you not denouncing Rush Limbaugh questioning my patriotism for disagreeing on the Iraq war?

DOOCY: Lanny, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t heard Rush Limbaugh do that. I’ll look into it —

DAVIS: Why don’t you — why don’t you do a study and invite me back and we’ll have a program about Rush Limbaugh, rather than just focusing on what you call the left.

DOOCY: Lanny, you’re filibustering.

RUSH: (Laughing.) I welcome it. I hope Fox does a program on me. I won’t participate in it because I don’t do that, but what have I said? What in the world have I said? All I’ve said was that they’re invested in defeat. I’ve said that it’s unacceptable, it’s indecent, the way they attack General Petraeus. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know if this conclusion has come to anybody else out there, but, during the Petraeus hearings — and even in the postmortem — not one liberal, not one Democrat, has asked, ‘What can we do to help you and the troops?’ While they were talking to General Petraeus, Lanny, there wasn’t one Democrat in the House or Senate on either committee that asked the general what they could do to help him and the troops. There wasn’t one Democrat who said, ‘What can we do to help the war effort?’ There wasn’t one. Lanny, where is the proof that I am challenging your patriotism? Up until today your name hasn’t come up in awhile on this program. I think you guys are wrong in trying to undermine the war effort, US national security, but challenging your patriotism has never been what I’ve done. I challenge your judgment and so forth, but if you want me to say I challenge your patriotism so Fox can do a show, okay. (Laughing.)


RUSH: As to MoveOn.org, back to Lanny Davis just a second and Mrs. Clinton not denouncing it, does anybody remember — Mr. Snerdley, you might — does anybody remember what MoveOn.org stands for? It was ‘move on.’ It is a Clinton front group. It’s a Clinton, George Soros front group.

Rudy Giuliani did a great thing yesterday when going for his New York Times ad and making the point that he wants one for the same rate. He linked her to MoveOn.org. MoveOn.org means, ‘Let’s move on from Clinton scandals.’ It’s now MoveOn.org that won’t move on, if you will. Mrs. Clinton’s inexorably tied to MoveOn.org, like she is to Media Matters for America, like she is for the Center for American Progress that Clinton’s chief of staff, John Podesta, runs. She’s tied to all of these things, to expect her to denounce it? By the way, she didn’t say a word last night. I haven’t seen Mrs. Clinton. She may have this morning, but she didn’t say a word last night about the president’s speech.


RUSH: A little reminder here about MoveOn.org. Do you know how old MoveOn.org is? Take a guess, Mr. Snerdley. How old is MoveOn.org? When was it founded? Right! That’s exactly right! (applauding) This is one of the reasons I have the best staff in all of media. In 1998, MoveOn.org was founded. Back then, you remember we started getting seminar callers. MoveOn.org people were the original seminar calls. They were programmed by the organization to say that they were nonpartisan; they were nonpolitical. When they called in, what they would say is: ‘I’m a lifelong Republican, but I’m never going to vote for the Republicans again if they don’t stop this impeachment proceeding.’ That was MoveOn.org: ‘Can’t we move on? Can’t we move on from this?’ It’s a Hillary front group. So I just wanted to remind you of that, ladies and gentlemen.

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