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RUSH: Somewhere in Tennessee, this is Daniel on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I’m in the National Guard, and my blood is just boiling with the way Senator Clinton had talked to General Petraeus.

RUSH: Suspending disbelief in order to listen to what he has to say — that probably is what irritates you.

CALLER: Roger that. That just makes my blood boil. The guy’s a four-star general; I believe he’s got a doctorate degree in military science; he’s been over there three times; he gets the intel data every day, he sees what’s going on. He is the best qualified person to tell everybody what’s going on, what he needs.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: Now, I got two other points. Congress, they need to let us do our job, not only us in the National Guard, but our brothers and sisters on the active duty side, they need to let us do our job, stop handcuffing us.

RUSH: Wait a second.

CALLER: If they can do the job better, take my M-16, take my gas mask, take everything I got and do my job. I’m tired of these guys sitting down there telling me how I’m going to fight this war, so on and so forth. This is ridiculous. They sit there and they don’t know what we do. They don’t see what we see. They haven’t been shot at, for crying out loud.

RUSH: Daniel, they don’t want you to do your job. They are trying to see to it that you can’t do your job. They know exactly what your job is. Your job is victory. They don’t want that. They are trying to undermine your job. It’s not that they’re dense and don’t understand your job. They know it very well. They resent the hell out of your job and that you might succeed at it.

CALLER: Well, then the general public needs to stand up and say, ‘You know what, if you’re not going to let our boys do their job, we’re putting somebody else in there that will, regardless.’ And, my last point on this, and then I’ll stop on it, is we’re a nation where we don’t go after world leaders and so on and so forth. I wish the president would take a bully’s stance on world leaders that we’re going after and eliminate ’em. I know we’re not supposed to, but from the time that was written ’til 2007, the playing field has changed, and we need to adapt to that. I wish he would take that bully mentality and go after these world leaders.

RUSH: Well, that would require a change of the law.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: The Frank Church committee, I’m sure you know, who, in the seventies, was in charge of emaciating the CIA, came up with this, and that would require a change in the law. But, you know, I love you and I love your call and I love your passion. It breaks my heart to have to tell you, Daniel, but they don’t want you to do your job.

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