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RUSH: Did you see what happened a couple days ago? This is September 6th. On September 4th, did you see what happened? The FTC — do you know what that stands for? It’s the Federal Trade Commission, for those of you in Rio Linda. Do you know what they said? After concluding a months-long research project, they concluded that there was no price gouging from the oil industry following Hurricane Katrina. The FTC says no price gouging.

‘They said high gasoline prices then and now are simply the result of ordinary market forces.’ Really? Okay, fine. But that’s not the end of the story, ladies and gentlemen, because I’d like to know where Senator Schumer is on this issue. Where is Senator Schemer? I’m sure the microphones and cameras are set up and the most dangerous place for you to be when such a situation exists, is between Senator Schemer and the cameras and microphones. Madeleine Albright has a column in the Washington Post: ‘How to Change Iraq: Bush Should Start by Admitting Fault,’ and one of the constant refrains of the Democrats has been that Bush should admit his mistakes. ‘If he would just admit his mistakes, why, why, we could be all getting along right now! If Bush would just admit that he’s an idiot and had done this now.’ Here’s Albright. Well, that kind of cuts both ways, doesn’t it? I’ve heard this rant so many times: ‘Come clean with the American people. Admit mistakes!’

So where is Chuck Schumer now? I mentioned Chuck Schumer because he all but accused Big Oil of ‘price gouging.’ He was the one who demanded the investigation, folks. It was Senator Schemer who demanded the investigation, the FTC investigation of which they just concluded there wasn’t any gouging, couldn’t find any, why, it was just ‘normal market forces.’ The FTC reported no price gouging, market forces. What a great opportunity for a photo-op this is: Senator Schemer, in front of a gas station. Lights, camera, action, roll ’em! Senator Schemer should go out there and admit his mistakes. ‘I wish to apologize to the oil industry. I wish to apologize to the American people, because I falsely accused Big Oil of price gouging, and I now know because of the investigation I called for, that that didn’t happen.’ The only problem with this is that it won’t happen and it hasn’t happened, and the Drive-By Media will never go to Senator Schemer and say, ‘What about this investigation that you demanded that there was price gouging?’ In fact, the next time there is a gasoline spike, Senator Schumer will come out and say there’s price gouging going on, and the Drive-By Media will report that without reporting on the FTC report that we just learned of two days ago.

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