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RUSH: The New York Times today: ‘The mystery of Norman Hsu, the wealthy Clinton donor who turned out to be a fugitive from justice, took a bizarre twist yesterday when Mr. Hsu…disappeared yet again.’ Now, how can it be ‘bizarre’ if he’s disappeared before? The story goes on to recount how he’s disappeared like this two other times, and they have failed to get his passport both times on the word that his lawyer said, ‘Eh, we’ll get the passport. He’s not a flight risk.’ He’s a demonstrated flight risk twice; they didn’t get his passport this time. Somebody wanted Hsu to get away. Powerful people somewhere, forces, wanted Norman Hsu to get away. Now, my guess, folks, is I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy turns up dead somewhere. I’m telling you, this… Well, I’m not going to say anymore, but he’s either going to be found in Hong Kong, or he’s going to disappear in Hong Kong and we’ll never hear from him. There’s something that smells all the way to China, I’m telling you. But what this guy did, is he claimed he was in a real estate business, and he wasn’t in the real estate business. The address he gave on his FEC forms and all this, was for the Midtown Public Library here in New York! He was never in the business he claimed to be in. This guy has been a shyster from the get-go. But what he did, he was a well-known ‘bundler.’

Now, there’s this family out there in Northern California called the Paw family, P-a-w. They have no money, but they got lots of pets. (laughs) Mr. and Mrs. Paw have three or four kids. I think there are five members of the family total, maybe six, and he’s a letter carrier. He makes $45,000 a year. Now, let me find the exact article. I want to get the exact amount of money, because these people donated somewhere to the tune of $245,000 to the Democrat Party this year. (interruption) With what? Well, they get a good contract, but the guy makes $45,000 a year. ‘One of Mr. Hsu’s donors was the Paw family, the modest Chinese-American family of a California mail carrier whose annual salary is $45,000, but whose family has donated $244,000 to the Democrats since 2004 — $55,000 of which went to the Clinton campaign.’ So this is what Hsu would do. Hsu would find families like this. This is what happened with the Buddhist monks, the nuns — remember that? — for which Gore said there was ‘no controlling legal authority.’ They did the same thing: take people with no money, put a lot of money in their hands, and make donations in their name. I’m sure the Paws never saw the money. Well, anyway, the guy is missing. They can’t find him. He’s on the lam. He has fled the scene, Norman Hsu. The president met with the Chinese premiere Hu Jintao and I wonder if he asked Hu where Hsu is. I mean, Hu is the head ChiCom leader. This guy is from Hong Kong and they run Hong Kong now. Hong Kong is where Hsu is from.


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