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RUSH: Democrat fundraiser and Clinton bundler, Norman Hsu, has failed to appear for a bail hearing in Redwood City, California. Don’t you just hate it when this happens? He’s going to lose $2 million in bail that he posted last week. A judge has issued a new warrant for his arrest. Hsu’s lawyer says he doesn’t know where he is. Well, I can tell you where he is. Try China! That’s where all the Clinton fundraisers go when they want to flee the jurisdiction: the Riadys, the Lippo Group people, the Pauline Kanchanalaks. Remember all these people from the ’96 fundraising scandal? They go to China. They don’t show up to court. This guy was a fugitive for 15 years, and he turned himself in for that. You think he fled the heat? He got the hell out of Dodge over this fundraising stuff, folks, there’s no question about it in my mind.

You know what a bundler is? Johnny Chung was one of the guys doing this, and Norman Hsu was doing it. There’s a family out in California with the last name of Paw, P-a-w, they have a lot of pets, but they don’t have much money, and they had never donated to politicians before. All of a sudden members of the family each were giving the maximum to the Clintons. They didn’t have any money and they’d never made political donations before. This Norman Hsu was a bundler, he knew the Paws, who had a lot of pets, but no money, and he was out there bundling contributions from them. I guarantee you he has fled the jurisdiction. He is out of the country. Why didn’t they take the guy’s passport? Of course, the Clintons could have handled that. Well, an ex-president, future president, current US Senator, if you need a passport, you get a passport, assumed name or whatever. So Norman Hsu is gone; they will not find him. They’ll not track him down. I guarantee you, folks, he’s out of the country. And, of course, his lawyer doesn’t know where he is. That’s probably true, too.

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