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RUSH: Well, the ChiComs are fighting back. The ChiComs said today that they’ve ‘discovered many safety problems with soybeans imported from the United States,’ and they’re ‘urging US authorities to deal with the problem.’ Because we’re all upset here about the stuff they’re exporting to us, you know, lead and the Barbie doll. Don’t lick Barbie! If you’re a little kid out there and you have a Barbie, don’t lick Barbie if it came from China, because it could have lead in there. My parents didn’t let us lick the toys or the window sills when we were growing up. I did pour some talcum powder down my brother’s mouth one day because I thought it made him look better. Well, I was three or four years old. It was in the back of the car. There were no child safety seats in the back of the car, either. We were just rolling around back there on the way down to Kennett to see grandma. I had talcum powder back there. ‘Here, Dave.’ Dave was like one, one and a half years old. (laughing) Pshew! Pshew! Pshew! My mother got mad.

What would constitute unsafe soybeans? I wonder what. Let’s see. ”Inspection and quarantine units in various [ChiCom] areas have discovered a large number of quality and safety problems with imports of US soybeans,’ the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said. ‘We have reported this to the US side, demanding that it look into the causes and adopt effective measures to ensure that a situation like this does not repeat itself,’ it said on its website.’ What do you bet it’s urine? What do you bet? Well, this is the stuff going to China. Well, we haven’t had reports of unsafe soybeans in America. But what do you bet that after the immigration bill failed, the illegals out there in the soybean fields just said, ‘Well, pee on it.’ You never know. It’s just a guess.

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