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RUSH: Jenny in Denver, Colorado. Jenny, one of my all-time, top-ten female names.

CALLER: I’ve heard that before.

RUSH: It is. How are you?

CALLER: Dittos from a Rush Baby infiltrating academia.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Well, thank you.

CALLER: Uh-huh. I’m calling because you mentioned this morning the Boulder philosophy prof. and his article?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I’m a graduate of that program. I’m now a philosophy professor myself. And the reason I called is because one of my administrators told me, gave me some insight into why there are so many liberals in academia. He said it’s because conservatives won’t work for less than 40 grand.

RUSH: Oh, really?


RUSH: These terms in academe, what is an administrator?

CALLER: He’s a dean. He’s essentially my boss.

RUSH: Okay, the dean. So you asked him, why aren’t there more conservatives in the academy?

CALLER: No, he was mentioning they had a recent hire, and the recent hire is pretty liberal, and so he’s getting a lot of calls complaining about it, although most of our faculty is, so he was explaining to me the reason why so much of our faculty, so many of them are liberals.

RUSH: Do you buy his explanation?

CALLER: No, I don’t think so, because I’m a conservative, and I’m pulling in under 40. Gladly, I guess.

RUSH: I have a whole different theory about this.

CALLER: What’s your theory?

RUSH: See, just what I just said. An organization that is not conservative will, by definition, be liberal. And liberals and conservatives have two completely different world views. Liberals, like in the Ivy League or anywhere, actually, in higher education levels, go there for the express purpose of creating more mind-numbed robot liberals. They go there as activists. It is their opportunity to create and mold more people as liberals and send ’em out in the world that way. Conservatives, they’re activists, but they’re now trying to do the same kind of thing at special universities. They can’t infiltrate academia and so forth, where you are. I mean, you’ve done it, but I mean it’s never going to be dominant conservative, as it is dominant liberal, because when you’re conservative, you don’t want to control somebody’s life, and you don’t want to turn them into a robot. You want to deal with them intellectually and you want to teach them and you want them to understand on their own. You want lights to go off in their heads every day in the classroom. That’s not what liberals want. They’re scared to death of that. They want no lights going on. They want people sitting there like sponges, soaking up all the propaganda.

The biggest problem with conservatives and Republicans in government is they don’t look at government as a tool to advance their agenda. Government is the problem. They want to limit it. Liberals raise all these little kids to go to these schools and be trained to go to bureaucracy and stay there their whole lives, in stealth positions, making sure the institution remains liberal. It’s a whole different set of priorities. This is why conservatives end up always on the reactionary side of things and defending things because the aggressors in this case are liberals. Now, I’m not saying conservatives have abandoned the effort in education, because they haven’t, and they’ve made a lot of inroads. I think the majority enrollment at the University of California Berkeley is now Republicans, for example. But the faculty isn’t.

CALLER: Well, I’m being sort of quietly subversive, and I’m finding a lot more of my students are conservative than you actually would hear about. That’s probably what it is.

RUSH: Look, see, that’s another thing that’s happening, too. That’s the way this is going to change if it does, like you, you’re a Rush Baby. With the advent of the so-called new media, there are a lot of young kids that are going to college today who are not as liberal, or liberal at all, as they were a generation and more ago. So when the students show up with a solid foundation of conservatism, from wherever they got it, from their family or just from their own lives independently of their parents, it makes it harder for the propagandists to turn them into little mind-numbed robots.

CALLER: Yeah, I think that’s what helps me to get through my schooling without turning, I suppose.

RUSH: What made you choose philosophy?

CALLER: I just had some really inspiring professors along the way.

RUSH: A-ha.

CALLER: I enjoy teaching it to my students because I feel like it’s a discipline they don’t think is very applicable to their lives, but I teach a lot of factory workers who say, ‘This is interesting because I can do something during my job. I can think.’

RUSH: Yeah, philosophy teaches people to think. It’s one of the great values it has.

CALLER: Hm-hm. So I suppose I’m doing my part, quietly.

RUSH: Well, kudos to you. But don’t believe this 40 grand stuff. There are a lot of Republicans, conservatives, who do have high financial aspirations, but I’ll tell you the hideous thing about that comment, and it’s one of these age-old clichés: liberals don’t care about money. They care about larger things. They care about welfare of society and so forth and the health of the planet. They couldn’t be concerned with money. That’s one of the biggest lies out there. They are obsessed with it. It’s why the Clintons got fouled up in Whitewater, because back then they thought everybody that had money stole it, or got involved in shady deals rather than worked hard and earned it. They got caught in it. Now they can’t stop talking about how wealthy they are every time a tax cut debate comes up. You’ve got these professors, they may not be making a lot of money from the university, but they’ve got their graduate assistants doing all the work while out there writing scholarly papers and books and getting published. They’re supplanting their income. They go do speeches and so forth. Don’t believe this garbage they don’t care about money.

CALLER: And they’re getting settlements like Ward Churchill, so they’re getting plenty.

RUSH: Of course they are. And of course one of the primary jobs that liberals have, they don’t even do real work. They set up some sort of nonprofit foundation, and they start fundraising, raising money for their cause and then they live off, they take their salaries and so forth off that. So it’s not even real work. I know some Republicans do it too, but the notion that they don’t care about money, there are more wealthy Democrats in the United States Senate than there are wealthy Republicans in the United States Senate. The notion that Republicans are the big, fat cats and the Democrats stand for the blue-collar little guy, look at John Edwards, look at Ted Kennedy, look at these people, look at the Clintons. They all run around, make big public shows and conspicuous displays of their consumption and their wealth. Don’t buy that 40 grand-a-year argument, doesn’t attract conservatives. That’s intended to mislead you.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: All right. Great you called, Jenny. Best of luck to you out there at the university of — are you at Boulder?

CALLER: I’m not there anymore. I graduated from there, but —

RUSH: Where are you teaching?

CALLER: I don’t know if I can disclose it.

RUSH: Don’t. Absolutely right. Don’t do it. You’ll become a target because then they’ll know it was you who called.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: All right. Well, best of luck to you out there. I’m glad you got through.

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