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RUSH: In one of the biggest See, I Told You Sos that I have been able to recount on this program, for about two months, about three months I have been telling you and reminding you ever since that the dirty little secret is if the Democrats win the White House, they are not pulling out of Iraq. It ain’t going to happen. They’re not going to saddle themselves with defeat. They only want to try to do that to the president. So yesterday in the New York Times — look at this — ‘Democrats Say Leaving Iraq May Take Years.’ Oh, yeah.

‘Even as they call for an end to the war and pledge to bring the troops home, the Democratic presidential candidates are setting out positions that could leave the United States engaged in Iraq for years.’ And then there’s a New York Times editorial today: ‘US cannot walk away from Iraq.’ Two days in a row. This is the New York Times providing cover for the upcoming shift in the Democratic Party on Iraq. This is because the surge is working. The Democrats have got to pull back, they’re over the cliff on this, so these two stories in the New York Times are designed to give cover to the Hillarys and the Barack Obamas and whoever else out there, the John Edwards, to say, ‘We do think we should bring our troops home, but we can’t pull out.’ The way they’re going to say it is, ‘Bush has created such a mess. He went into Iraq for no reason whatsoever, totally uncalled for, he lied,’ blah, blah, blah, ‘but the result of it is, got all the world’s terrorists there. Well, we just can’t abandon that.’ You mark my words. I knew this was coming because they had an untenable position. They were invested in defeat. They owned it, the surge is working, the president’s poll numbers are coming up, and Karl Rove says that he thinks they’re going to be up by 40% by the end of the president’s term. Congressional numbers are flat, depending on the poll you look at, 4% and in some cases 14%.


RUSH: Let me use the occasion of this to get to some of these other stories that I have about the Democrats in the stack. There’s a funny one in The Nation from Alexander Cockburn: ‘How the Democrats Blew It in Only Eight Months.’ Now, The Nation is a far-left fringe publication. Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel is the editor over there. ‘Led by Democrats since the start of this year, the US Congress now has a ‘confidence’ rating of 14 per cent, the lowest since Gallup started asking the question in 1973 and five points lower than the Republicans scored last year…. The Democrats control the House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi could have stopped the bill’ the surge and the money for the military budget ‘in its tracks if she’d really wanted to. But she didn’t. The Democrats’ game is to go along with the White House agenda while stirring up dust storms to blind the [Democrat] base about to their failure to bring the troops home or restore constitutional government.’

That’s right. There’s starting to be a fallout out there, because these idiots on the left — these kook fringe bloggers and these Democrat base voters — actually think that the mandate for the ’06 November elections was get out of Iraq, and it wasn’t. That election was about two names: Mark Foley and Macaca. Mark Foley is why the Republicans lost the House — well, there was a little dissatisfaction among Republican voters for Republican incumbents. I don’t deny that — and George Allen lost in the Senate because the Macaca thing. They went out there and the Washington Post led the hit parade on George Allen. This guy Cockburn is all upset over the fact that they haven’t nailed Gonzales. They haven’t gotten us out of Iraq and they haven’t nailed Gonzales. Right now they’re hosing down Barack Obama because he said on the YouTube debate in South Carolina he’d be prepared to meet with all these dictators around the world. ‘The pundits whacked him for demonstrating ‘inexperience.’ Experienced leaders order the CIA to murder such men.’ He says it like it’s a bad thing, I guess, to murderer these bad guys. Anyway, the piece is just funny. We’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. Here’s the last line or the last paragraph: ‘Just as their poll numbers are going down, Bush’s are going up, by five points in Gallup from early July. People are beginning to think the surge is working, courtesy of the New York Times.’

Now, that sentence is funny. This is a professional journalist here writing this. I’d have to point out the surge is working because of our military, and the reason the people think it’s working is because it is! Reality is reality. But this guy, Cockburn — who, by the way, is fabulously correct on global warming; he is fabulously right about that, about the hoax that it is had, the religion that it is, but on this? The New York Times has nothing to do with people thinking the surge is working. This piece came out before the New York Times wrote that we can’t get out of Iraq. Can you imagine the apoplectic results that occurred on the left-wing fringes of our society when the New York Times said, ‘Whoa! We can’t get out of there!’ Just trying to provide cover for the Democrats because, like I told you last week, there’s an adult somewhere, media, Democrat Party, whatever it is, that knows they were heading to McGovernization; they were heading to a landslide defeat. Nobody in this country wants the US military to lose. Nobody in this country wants the country to lose.

The Democrats had got it through their heads that we’d already lost; bring the troops home. It was a political achievement for them if we lost, and somebody had to say, ‘You guys are nuts! You guys are destroying yourselves,’ and so the New York Times yesterday and today with two different stories, one an editorial, about how we can’t get out of Iraq now. We’re going to be there for a long, long, long, long time. Now they cover it by saying Bush has botched things so bad that it’s our responsibility to stay, but this is a seismic shift, a seminal moment, if you will, ladies and gentlemen — and it’s gotta be to give Democrats cover to come back from over the cliff where they have to do this. You wait and see what that does to the base. If the theory is that the AP is doing this story to really pump up the base for Hillary Clinton because of her negatives out there being so high that she’s going to gin up a big Republican turnout, wait ’til the base sees this. It’s bad enough the New York Times has caved. Now if the Democrats take the lead and accept the cover, there might be a mutiny on the fringe part of the Democrat base. Not a mutiny that they’re going to go anywhere else. They’ll go insane. They will elect Cindy Sheehan (laughing) over Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. (interruption) I know they’re already insane. That’s good point. I have to come up with a new word to describe the total loss of mental capacity that is no doubt happening now.


RUSH: Now, last Tuesday night, the Democrat presidential candidates had their fashion show before the AFL-CIO, up there in Chicago, Soldier Field, 17,000 union people in the audience. I don’t know how I missed this. The Chicago Sun-Times has a story today that — well, let me just read the paragraph. ‘Another indication of how well the surge is going came in a little-noticed remark that Mrs. Bill Clinton made Tuesday during the AFL-CIO presidential forum at Soldier Field. Responding to a question about what the United States should do if, after a troop withdrawal, Al-Qaeda should take over Iraq, Clinton repeated her plan for pulling troops out, but then said it’s a possibility that Al-Qaeda would stay in Iraq. ‘If that happens, I think we need to stay focused on trying to keep them on the run as we currently are doing in al-Anbar province.” So pull us out of Iraq, but then if Al-Qaeda should stay — what does she think is going to happen if we pull out? Then we need to go back in there and keep them on the run? I mention this because of these two stories in the New York Times, one yesterday and the editorial today, said we can’t get out of there now. So obviously I’m right about this.

The New York Times is trying to provide her and all these other Democrats with cover because it’s dawning on them now that we’re not going to get out of Iraq. The president’s not going to succumb to the pressure. I don’t think they’re going to find enough Republican defectors in the Senate, the Democrats aren’t, to make that happen. Probably have a veto proof House on this, but I don’t think in the Senate that’s the case yet. I don’t know how I missed that. And even this guy that writes the story, Steve Huntley, ‘Yeah, it was a little noted remark that she made.’

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