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RUSH: From the Nation magazine, one of these extreme far-left wacko publications by Alexander Cockburn; ‘How the Democrats Blew It in Only Eight Months.’ This is such a priceless bunch of whining and moaning about how the Democrats have blown it. We’ll get into it. ‘Howard Dean Talks up Democrats’ Voter Protection Effort.’ Included in this is the idea to give every Democrat a condom. Les Payne, who is black, writing in Newsday — get this headline, Mr. Snerdley — ‘Could Hillary Clinton also be a ‘black’ leader?’ ‘Obama’s Wife Decries Blackness Question,’ is the next headline. Because the question about him is, is he down for the struggle? Is he black enough?

Do you know what I’m waiting for? There’s a constituency here in the Democrat Party that’s being ignored, that’s being left out. They went out and they did a little debate for them, did a dog and pony show, they pandered to them, but why will nobody ask, ‘Is Hillary gay enough? Is Obama gay enough? Is John Edwards, the Breck Girl, gay enough? Would they be good gay leaders? In order to be elected you have to be the ultimate groupie and have all the right stuff to prove that you’re down for the struggle, be it whether you’re gay, be it whether you’re a woman, be it whether you’re black. Is Hillary woman enough? Now is she black enough? Is Obama black enough? Is Edwards more of a woman than Hillary is? Are they gay enough? You know what nobody’s asking? Nobody’s asking the question, ‘Are they man enough?’ I’m serious. Nobody is asking about any of these candidates, are they man enough? Gay, black enough, woman enough, not man enough.

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