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RUSH: Mark in Bethesda, Maryland, I appreciate your patience and welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I am a loyal listener but I’m mad at you! You keep dissing and saying all these nasty things that a conservative can’t own a Prius. [sic] I own a Prius. I’m a conservative. Not only am I a conservative, but I supported Ehrlich and Steele in the last election. I made sure my son registered as a Republican. I led a revolt at my gym to get Fox News on TV — and I am still called seven-letter words — and I told you this three years ago when I bought my car, on my license plate —

RUSH: Wait, wait! Who is calling you seven-letter words?

CALLER: People on my news because I got Fox News on the TV.

RUSH: Oh, well! See? See? You’re doing all of these things, but buying a Prius and driving it around is not buying you one bit of credibility with those people.

CALLER: Of course it won’t! Of course it’s not going to do anything. But what I had to do… The people in the parking lot kept nagging me. On my license plate, and I told you this once before, in Hebrew it says ‘Shemron,’ in Hebrew it means ‘conservative.’ So that is my way of telling world: a conservative is driving this car. Conservatives can drive Priuses!

RUSH: Get this. This is how I hear your circumstance. Here you’re doing the right thing. You’re watching Fox. You’re listening to this program. You’re a big conservative. But. You live in Maryland which is infested with liberals. So you’ve gone out and you’ve bought a hybrid, and furthermore, you put a bumper sticker on a car identifying yourself as Jewish — and neither of those two things are buying you anything with the libs in Maryland.

CALLER: It never would! It won’t! They are who they are. I’m happy being me. I’m not trying to buy anything with them.

RUSH: Well, then what are you complaining?

CALLER: They’ll always be unhappy. They’re always going to be angry

RUSH: Wait, wait! Wait. Why are you complaining about being them calling you seven-letter words in the gym?

CALLER: Because it’s not appropriate! I don’t like being called seven-letter words!

RUSH: What does this have to do with having a Prius? I have somehow lost track, here.

CALLER: All I’m trying to tell you is —

RUSH: It’s an amazing thing for me to lose track.

CALLER: My point, I’m listing all my conservative credentials. I have all these conservative credentials, and I’m trying to tell you: ‘Conservatives can drive Priuses.’

RUSH: Ohhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh!

CALLER: I am listing all my conservative credentials.

RUSH: Good. Well you certainly have conservative credentials if what you said is truthful. I have no doubt that it is. I’ve never said conservatives can’t drive Priuses! I don’t care what you drive! I’m just saying most people that buy them are buying them as status symbols. We know this from research surveys! They are buying them from status symbols and they’re buying Toyota Prius because they look different than a Honda hybrid. They want it known. They are ‘good people.’ They are doing this as a status thing to make it look like they care and that they are saving the environment — and that, Mark, is a bunch of liberals doing it. If you have a Prius and you buy it and like it and drive it, cool!

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