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RUSH: Well, try this headline: ‘Macho men not so good for long-lasting love, study. — Forget the square jaw, forget the rugged complexion, the tough guy macho attitude. What women really want is a man with full lips and feminine features. This according to a British study published on Wednesday. The findings add to previous research about masculinity and offer further insight into what people look for in others when choosing potential partners, said evolutionary psychologist Lynda Boothroyd…’ I just love the name of these people. I’ve got a story in the stack here, some guy’s been studying genetically altering the sex preferences of female mice, and his name is Breedlove. (Laughing.) I love the names of some of these people. Anyway, if macho men are not so good for long lasting love according to a study, then this is great news for the Breck Girl. This is fabulous news for John Edwards, made to order. So here’s our latest tune, dedicated to him, coming up.

(Playing of John Edwards spoof song.)

I know you people want to hear me in the opening monologue of the program, but that was just too good. It just fit with the story that macho guys are not good for long-lasting love. Now, it’s the UK. There’s no time to panic here, folks.

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