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RUSH: Rich in Jacksonville, you’re next, sir. It’s nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Fine, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos, and I’ve been listening to you since ’93. They didn’t have you on the air in Portugal. But anyway, just real quick, the quick comment I wanted to make was I just thought we were spending a little bit too much time on Hillary’s cleavage yesterday and I know we’re on the air talking about it, that’s even more time, but I think I’m missing the big picture on why it’s such a big topic. Hence, any ideas?

RUSH: I’m not sure I heard everything you said. You’re upset that I spent too much time on Hillary’s cleavage yesterday?

CALLER: No, no, not just you. I think… It’s in the press. Just because one day it was on, I guess she showed it or something. I haven’t even seen a picture yet.

RUSH: Well, there’s nothing to see. Bill Richardson’s probably got more cleavage than Hillary does, and —


RUSH: — maybe her own husband does. Wait a minute.

CALLER: (Laughing.) No doubt.

RUSH: Are you curious why the national media was preoccupied with it?

CALLER: Yes. That’s what I was —

RUSH: Oh, because Hillary was being attacked! Hillary was being attacked. You gotta put this into context of the events. The Breck Girl’s wife comes out and says that the Breck Girl, her husband, is more of a woman than Hillary; more sensitive to feminist issues than Hillary; that she acts like a man. So they get Bill Clinton to go on Good Morning America. The former president of the United States was reduced to going on Good Morning America to defend his wife’s ‘femininity,’ and I don’t think he pulled it off. He did not do a good job of it. So then after that, Hillary shows up on the Senate floor wearing a plunging neckline when she normally wears Mao jackets. That caused a fashion editor at the Washington Post to write a story about it. The Clintons said (paraphrased, ‘That is sexist. That is horrible. That is terrible,’ and they sent out a fundraising letter portraying Hillary as a victim once again. One of the things that puts this in perspective for you on this (I did it in the morning update today) is you look at all of the names that George Bush has been called, all the things he’s been accused of: he was behind 9/11; he was selected, not elected; he was in favor of lynching blacks (they actually ran an ad during the presidential campaign of 2000).

They’ve called him Hitler. They made fun of him for staying and reading to the kids when 9/11 happened. They made fun of him and called him a coward for going to a secure location on Air Force One after the Pentagon and 9/11 events happened. I mean, they just vilified the guy. And what does he do? He ignores it and keeps doing his job and stays focused on his job. The Washington Post runs a little piece on Mrs. Clinton’s cleavage, which she doesn’t show very much, and stop the presses! (paraphrasing) ‘This is outrageous. This is an assault! This is sexism. I’m going to defend might as well and I’m going to fund-raiser for it.’ She’s got no guts! It doesn’t seem very presidential to me, folks, to get all upset. Ignore it! But no — and it doesn’t upset her, by the way. It was like a fundraising opportunity. Hillary has thrived as The Victim, and any time something happens she can be portrayed that way or portray herself that way and fund-raise, she will take it. By the way, requests are pouring in for our latest tune from the Breck Girl, John Edwards: ‘More of a Woman Than You.’

(Playing of More of a Woman Than You.)

RUSH: More of a Woman Than You, is the title of the tune.

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