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RUSH: ‘A top Democrat lawmaker today dismissed the findings of two long-time Iraq war critics who cited a dramatic improvement in the situation.’ This is the New York Times op-ed from yesterday. John Murtha, former Marine, congressional heavyweight on military matters, said, ‘I dismiss it as rhetoric. I don’t know where they were staying. I don’t know what they saw, but I know this, that it’s not getting better.’ Murtha was on CNN saying this. ‘It’s over-optimist. It’s an illusion.’ There you have it. The Democrats gotta stick to their talking points, they can’t back away. Folks, they’ve gone over the cliff. They’re in the car, they’re over the cliff. They can’t jump out and get back to the top of the cliff. They can’t revise this. They can’t revise what they’ve been thinking about this. Murtha has been the leading critic. He has been the leading demoralizer of US military forces. It’s pathetic. But this is your modern-day Democrat Party.

What kind of politicians, I ask again, would force their armies, their own country’s armies from the battlefield, against an enemy that has killed 3,000 of these politicians fellow citizens, and promises to kill millions more, when the army is winning, when the armies are having great success, what kind of politicians are these? What kind of politician is Jack Murtha? What kind of man is Jack Murtha? ‘I dismiss it. I don’t know where they went. I don’t know what they saw. It’s just rhetoric. I know this. It’s not getting better.’ He can’t afford for it to get better. By the way, the military compiles sufficient evidence to show that all but a few of the 516 terrorism suspects held at Club Gitmo in 2004-2005 were a threat to the US, according to new government report. ‘The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point said in a 39-page report that only six captives posed no risk, based on an analysis of the military’s publicly available profiles of each detainee.’ The Bush administration is under pressure from human rights groups to close Club Gitmo and bring the detainees into the US judicial system and give them US constitutional rights for the express purpose of destroying another one of the great fabrics that has made this country great. If that happens, the Pentagon says, if they close Gitmo and bring these people to the US court system, they would have to release most detainees because the military lacks the more stringent evidence needed to win convictions in US courts.

By the way, when the detainees are released from there, they are found to go back and find safe havens in terrorist camps. ‘Earlier this year the Pentagon asked the terrorism center to judge each suspect’s threat to the US and issue a public report. The center found that an overwhelming majority, 73%, showed a demonstrated threat, that is, they were committed to violent jihad or had been involved in planning attacks. Most of the rest had been in Al-Qaeda or Taliban safe houses or training centers. Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis, who’s toured Club Gitmo twice, said, ‘It’s a good report. It shows that the people we have at Gitmo need to be kept under lock and key.” They don’t need to be brought in here to the United States and allowed access to the US court system. Besides, I’ve got a thriving merchandise business down there. We can’t close the place. Club Gitmo T-shirts and soap on a rope, all kinds of great stuff for the guests vacationing there.

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