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RUSH: What was that last night? Did you watch the debate, Snerdley? I’ll tell you what, I have an idea. We’ve broken new ground. Everybody says we’ve broken new ground in these debates. So the next time the Democrats get together, I think the questions ought to come from Shrek, from the Little Mermaid, from the little Nemo fish, Homer Simpson, Cartman from South Park. Man, oh, man, oh, man. Well, we’re loaded with that stuff today. Great to have you. We’re back for another three-hour excursion into broadcast excellence, El Rushbo, your highly trained broadcast specialist, meeting and surpassing all audience expectations on a daily basis. Our telephone number, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, Rush@eibnet.com.

To show you how absurd this is, in the San Francisco Chronicle today, ‘YouTube steals the Dem debate. The medium and the questions are called the message.’ This is a story by Joe Garofoli, and he basically says here — this a quote from the story. ‘The questions were more important than the answers.’ (Laughing.) This a lib newspaper. The format was the winner. ‘The answers might have included standard boilerplate from the candidates, but analysts said the hybrid format showed the value of giving the public a greater say in questioning the political candidates.’ The analysts are saying the big difference was that the questions featured feelings and emotion. ‘The difference is that these questions feel different, they sound different, they have a personal feel to them,’ said Sam Feist, CNN’s political director said Monday.’ (Laughing.)


RUSH: Somebody at CNN is probably in huge trouble today because there were four or five instances where there was a camera placed right behind Mrs. Clinton’s derriere. You forgot anything you were hearing at the time, believe me, when you watched that.

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