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RUSH: The president just concluded a bang-bang speech on the progress of the surge in Iraq. I’ve been watching it while working here on the closed-captioning, reading some of it, and just really kicking butt with this speech, very upbeat and positive.

J. R. Dunn today in the American Thinker, the surge is working, it is succeeding, and everybody is aware of it, and so how is that going to be dealt with? It’s going to be ignored, says Mr. Dunn at the AmericanThinker.com today. The results are being ignored now. ‘Virtually no media source or Democratic politician is willing to admit that the situation on the ground has changed dramatically over the past three months. Coalition efforts have undergone a remarkable reversal of fortune, a near-textbook example as to how an effective strategy can overcome what appear to be overwhelming drawbacks,’ not the least of which is a major political party in the United States. ‘The Coalition has left the treadmill in which one step of progress seemed to unavoidably lead to two steps back. It requires some time to discover the proper strategy in any war,’ but it appears that it has been reached here. I gave you all the details yesterday about the Sunnis and the Shi’a getting together, 25 different tribes, people getting fed up with Al-Qaeda, even low level Al-Qaeda members in Iraq becoming informants on the bad guys, upset with the barbaric nature of their behavior.

‘Someday 2006,’ Mr. Dunn writes, ‘may be seen as Iraq’s 1943. It appears that Gen. David Petraeus has discovered the correct strategy for Iraq: engaging the Jihadis all over the map as close to simultaneously as possible. Keeping them on the run constantly, giving them no place to stand, rest or refit. … We will see more of this in the weeks ahead. The Jihadis have come up with no effective counterstrategy, and the old methods have begun to lose mana. The last massive truck-bomb attack occurred not in Baghdad, but in a small Diyala village that defied Al-Queda. An insurgency in the position of using its major weapons to punish noncombatants is not in a winning situation. You will look long and hard to find any of this in the legacy media.’ It isn’t there. It cannot be reported that the surge is succeeding, so what will be focused on, ladies and gentlemen, is how the political situation is falling apart, they’re not making progress and so forth.

So whatever the good news is, it’s like the Drive-Bys and the Democrat Party find a way to avoid it. Their worst nightmare is for this news to start trickling out for the Democrat Party.

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