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RUSH: Good Morning America today, Diane Sawyer, guest former President Bill Clinton. She says, ‘The wife of Senator John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, has said of Senator Clinton, ‘I’m not convinced she’d be as good as advocate for women,’ meaning as Senator Edwards would be, ‘and sometimes you feel you have to behave as a man and not talk about women’s issues. I’m sympathetic she wants to be commander-in-chief.’ Do you have a response to Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Clinton?’

CLINTON: On women’s issues I defy you to find anybody who has run for office in recent history who’s got a longer history of working for women, for families and children than Hillary does. I’m proud of Hillary’s record and her lifetime commitment. And I don’t think she’s trying to be a man. I don’t think it’s inconsistent with being a woman that you can also be knowledgeable on military security affairs and be strong when the occasion demands it. That’s — I don’t consider that being manly. I consider that being a leader.

RUSH: Well, that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement when your husband says, ‘I don’t think she’s trying to be a man.’ By the way, you know, Hillary, when she spoke on the floor of the Senate during that all night blabber fest, the slumber party, she spoke at 4:10 in the morning. It was the first time that she said something at 4:10 in the morning other than, ‘Where the hell have you been?’ We have more Clinton here. Side steps the timeline question, Diane Sawyer says, ‘If you were still president, and these were your generals saying, ‘Give me more time,’ would you give them more time?’

CLINTON: I think the problem is, first of all, I think there is some evidence that changes from day to day. That while the violence is going up in many places where we have more soldiers and where the Iraqis are fighting the outside insurgents, like the Al-Qaeda insurgents in the Sunni areas, we’ve had some evidence of progress. The point is that there is no military victory here and there’s no evidence that we have either the political reconciliation process within the country working or any diplomatic process that’s got a chance to help with the neighbors.

RUSH: Well, we can’t win, there’s no military victory. There’s no win. We’re going to have some success, sure, the Al-Qaeda insurgents. When you listen to that bite, keep in mind here that we’ve just learned that the whole notion of a civil war in Iraq is fronted by a fake group, and that it’s actually the official Al-Qaeda that’s running that operation. It’s fictitious; they’re making it look real. One more question. Says, ‘There’s nothing General Petraeus could be saying in September that would convince you of anything but start pulling the troops out?’

CLINTON: I believe that General Petraeus is a very able man, and I don’t have any doubt that they’ll win some battles, and I hope this works. I think every American hopes this works. But it can’t work beyond winning a few battles. It has to be accompanied by progress on the political front. The president has weathered the challenge in the Senate because of the filibuster. As long as he can hold more than 40 senators, he can stop the Senate from voting for a change in course. But in the end, September will come, and it won’t be long.

RUSH: His voice doesn’t sound strong there to me. Just an observation. But nevertheless, he got done in by the filibuster. That’s not what did them in. The dirty little secret is that the Democrats had no intention of this thing passing. They’re not going to preside over a bloodbath. This is all a show, folks. It’s all a fundraising show. It is all designed to weaken Republican senators out in other states. That’s why they’re attacking the likely prospects, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, other Republicans that are weak, not prepared to hold firm out there. This is an ongoing effort here over the next number of months to just totally barrage Republican senators in states, make them defect. In fact, Dingy Harry has pulled the entire defense authorization bill from the Senate. He didn’t pull just this amendment, just pulled the whole thing back. Anti-war kooks were all happy about that because they think there are too many compromises in the defense authorization bill with Republicans.

These people in the Senate, Dingy Harry and his crowd, are being led by the fringe of the kook base that they have into posturing and fundraising and forth. Like I said yesterday, if they really wanted to do this, they could de-fund the war. That’s how they do it if Congress really wants to have some role here. What they were doing with their all-nighter was pure show, pure hoax. Even if it would have passed, it would not have had the force of law, and it would not have override veto numbers. So it was all a show. They don’t intend to be the ones making it look like they are responsible for a bloodbath that will no doubt certainly occur.


RUSH: I was just sitting here during the break, and I was thinking about some of these comments that that Bill Clinton made regarding Hillary. He said (impression), ‘I can’t find anybody out there in elected office done more for women and children and families than Hillary Clinton has,’ and I kind of let that go. It’s just boilerplate. I hear all this stuff. I actually got thinking, ‘What has she done for women?’ Dawn, you’re a woman. What has Hillary Clinton done for women? Dawn can’t think of anything. They make these claims, and of course it was Diane Sawyer fawns. ‘Oh, if only me!’ Why in the world do they not get challenged? What has she done for women? Okay, so she did the Beijing conference, whoop-de-do! What happened with the Beijing conference? What has she done for women? They make these claims, they throw these things out. It’s just like this number of uninsured. You know, 40 million, 42 million, nine million — who says? How do we really know? We just accept all this stuff as it gets thrown out there. Some say she’s ‘a role model for women.’ That’s what she’s done for women? She’s the smartest woman in the world? What has she done for women that other elected leaders who are male who have good policies have done against women?

See, that’s another thing. That’s another thing. Elizabeth Edwards started all this by saying she not sensitive enough to women’s issues. What the hell are ‘women’s issues,’ on a national basis? Throw out abortion. What else is there? Child care, early prenatal care, uh, nanny care? She ‘raised consciousness’? About what? Pantsuits? Oh, she raised consciousness about infidelity. Well, okay. If you want to say she did something for women, she stood by her man, and she stood by her man. Other women are to take that as a lesson, and learn from it — and you, too, could someday be a candidate for president. Clinton also — and I’ve noticed a subtle evolution among the anti-war left. Suddenly now, we’re all concerned with the political side of what’s happening in Iraq. You know, we had the National Intelligence Estimate come out, and it did not paint a pretty strong picture for the al-Maliki government because the benchmarks weren’t met, but that’s because the benchmarks are very high. So now we have members of Congress, our own Congress, which hasn’t done diddly-squat, telling the Iraqi Parliament what it has to do, standards it has to meet, benchmarks it has to accomplish. ‘You’ve gotta get the oil sharing revenue bill done over there. You’ve gotta figure out how to do that.’

Meanwhile, they don’t let us develop any of our own oil in this country. We can’t do it. They won’t let us build any refines. The left in this country is steadfastly just drilling in ANWR or in the Gulf or anywhere else. They will not go through the process, let it start, of building more refineries. They sit there and tell the al-Maliki government, ‘In three years you haven’t done enough of getting oil.’ Who the hell are these people? So the NIE comes out and that gives a little cover to go after the failing political side because the news coming out on the military and security side is good, but before the surge — and this is just back to April — all we heard and saw on television was reports and complaints on the level of violence in Baghdad and the Sunni triangle, and Ramadi, all these places. All we saw was the obligatory burning car; people running away from the burning car; reports of troop deaths, ‘military massacres’ committed by our troops and so forth. Now all of a sudden, while there’s military progress on security, ‘Why, we can’t do that. (grumbling) Let’s focus on how they’re screwing up on the political side.’ The point I’m making here is, is this is a subtle shift. When good news happens, the Drive-By Media and their buddies in the Democratic Party have a plan to make sure they ignore it and focus only on the bad news because that is the objective: to keep everybody in crisis and in panic mode over the fact that it’s not working.

Clinton is saying, ‘Well, yeah, we hope it works, and we hope there’s a lot of progress, but it can’t be won militarily. There is no military victory here.’ So in the face of good news, you go out there and you say something you don’t mean (impression) ‘I hope it works. I really do. I think everybody hopes it works.’ Well, we know for a fact that that isn’t true! We know we have an anti-war left in this country and a bunch of elected Democrats who want it to fail, who have already proclaimed it a failure and a defeat. They’ve already waved the white flag led by none other than Harry Reid. So (impression), ‘Well, we hope it works. I — I — I just don’t think there’s a military victory. There’s just not a military victory.’ So, in the midst of finally some good news, it doesn’t matter. Good news is irrelevant! What’s important is, ‘It can’t be won militarily, and the political side, those people over there are so screwed up, they don’t know how to run a country politically,’ from our guys! So that’s the game plan. That’s what I have subtly noticed, ladies and gentlemen, as they constantly try to stay ahead of whatever news comes out of Iraq, so that they can focus on the bad — and there will always be bad news coming out of there. To the extent that they have to ignore all the good news, they will do so.


RUSH: Diana Schneider, the editrix at the Limbaugh Letter, has been toiling away, trying to figure out, what is it that Hillary Clinton has done for women? Her husband out there, on Good Morning America, said that he’s done more for women than anybody he can think of. And Diane has said, ‘Well, you know, she did do something that’s worthwhile for women. She taught women to wear pink to distract from their guilt in certain matters. Wear pink when you’re lying and sit under a portrait of Abraham Lincoln when one is handy.’ You know, the Pretty in Pink press conference. (Laughing). So there’s something that we can say that she has done.

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