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RUSH: Here’s our final iPhone winner. It’s Angela C. of Lexington, North Carolina. She listens raptly on WSJS AM 600 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The iPhone giveaway is over, ladies and gentlemen. But here at the EIB Network, our largesse never ends. We still have the Allen Brothers Rush PACs that we give away every Friday. We’re doing this all summer long on the website. The best steaks you ever tasted. Bar none. You can’t get this stuff in grocery stores. We have other giveaway plans that we’re working feverishly on, but we can’t disclose them yet.

Anyway, congratulations to Angela C., the iPhone winner. She gets the iPhone, she gets a check from us for two years service to AT&T, full year subscription to The Limbaugh Letter and the website, plus the one-hundred-dollar gift card from BocaJava.com.

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