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RUSH: Las Vegas. This is Dale. You’re next on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Okay, Rush, I gotta tell you, I’ve listened to you for 15 years. When America needs a $10 cigar, we’re in deep trouble, and I’ll tell you where it’s coming from.

RUSH: Tell me.

CALLER: The trial lawyers, okay? This week they destroyed the Catholic Church. It will never come back again. It’s lost all credibility. They shook down the biggest drugstore chain in America for incredible money. They want to fight the war on terrorism by trying each Muslim extremist terrorist as an American with civil rights. If we fought the Nazis that way, how long it would have taken to prosecute all the Nazi soldiers in World War II with all the appeals and all the legal procedure?

RUSH: Oh, that’s if we had been permitted to catch ’em.

CALLER: Well, another thing, too, capturing Osama doesn’t mean a thing. He is immortal. The most common name in the Muslim world is Osama. The most common name in Britain is Mohammed. Okay? So even if you caught him and hung him, it doesn’t matter. He’s replicated a hundred million times. We got a nuke from Iran headed our way. I don’t have time for you calling play-by-play for a Democrat and Republican football game or whatever. They’re the same party. They’re in the same club. There’s no difference between them. Neither one of them are going to secure the border, okay? You’re in charge of this country, not the Congress. We need to you to take some action on this because we’re going to go down in flames in the election. I used to work for Reagan and the Republican Party. After Bush took over, I don’t even know what that party is. I don’t know what they stand for.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Yeah, I have great empathy for you and those feelings about what happened to Reaganism. It’s been one of the most puzzling things. Here is a party that was shown how to be a majority party for who knows how long, and they rejected it.

CALLER: They are gone, and listen, you gotta quit taking so many golf breaks. You’re starting to worry us. We need you at the helm. I mean, I don’t mind every other weekend or whatever, but —

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: Really, you’re in control here. They sent you the — that’s no accident, it’s a $10 cigar. They’re letting you know that they have your number and they’re coming after you, and if they can’t get you on the Fairness Doctrine, they’re going to pry the cigar out of your fingers. And you know it and I know it.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: I’ve waited 15 years to talk to you, and I wanted to make sure that you heard what I said. I’ve supported you so many times, shot down in Rush rooms and vilified. I was working at a university surrounded by liberals.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: And I thought if I ever get a chance to talk to you — I sat next to Edward Teller. I thought, I’m going to ask him a question. Okay, you’ve got nuclear power in your hands, but you gotta use it and get off this Democrat — you’re trying to breathe life into a sock puppet.

RUSH: No, I’m not.

CALLER: And it’s starting to embarrass us.

RUSH: That’s not what I’m doing. That’s not what I’m doing at all.

CALLER: Bush is gone. He’s not up for election.

RUSH: I’m not trying to do anything here but educate the American people on the dangers they face being governed by a Democrat Party. There is a difference in these two parties it. It may be minute on some things, but there is clearly a difference. The Republican Party is a low-tax — for the most part — you got renegades in there, but it’s a low tax, pro-capitalist party. The Democrats are anything but that. The Democrats are out to control as many people’s lives with as much control as they can muster.

CALLER: They are after us, but I’m saying the Republican Party is dead. Don’t ever elect a dogcatcher again. You gotta let ’em go. Bush has done his thing, and you supported him, you carried the water for him. He’s gone. You gotta let —

RUSH: For somebody as smart as you are, and for somebody —

CALLER: I am in Mensa. I got a 144 IQ, Rush, and believe me I’ve been following word-for-word everything you’ve said for a long time.

RUSH: Well, then you know that what I’m doing —

CALLER: Yeah, I know exactly what you’re doing.

RUSH: Well, then you tell me.

CALLER: Okay, what you gotta do is quit making it sound like we have a system that works. Both parties are doing the same thing. They just make you think that you have A or B.

RUSH: All right —

CALLER: Good cop, bad cop routine.

RUSH: Hang on. Dale, I gotta take a commercial break.


RUSH: Hang on. Don’t go away. You’ve waited all these years, you’ve got a 144 IQ. I’ll give you another segment.


RUSH: Dale in Las Vegas.


RUSH: All right, now we have more time. I asked you a question, and you didn’t answer it. You started telling me what I should do. I want you to tell me what you think I do here when I sit down. You’ve got a 144 IQ.

CALLER: Okay, you are the Doctor of Democracy. You are the only person in America that anybody trusts. Nobody trusts the government anymore. The government is not serving the people whatever. I don’t know. Except for Kay Bailey Hutchison and a few others, there’s really nobody I can believe in the government. They’re building homeland defense things. I think they’re going to be used to control the Americans when we rebel and exercise our Second Amendment rights. It’s coming. That’s why they tried to get rid of the ammunition. Guns don’t kill people. It’s the bullets.

RUSH: All right. I appreciate knowing your attitude on these things. I very much appreciate your —

CALLER: Go after the trial lawyers. That’s a conflict of interest to have an executive, a legislative, and judicial, and they’re all lawyers.

RUSH: I understand. You know, the best way to fund health care in this business is to take 80% of the awards trial lawyers get for themselves in these cases where they sue doctors, and when they sue hospitals and so forth.

CALLER: They’ve been doing that, yeah.

RUSH: Take that money instead of the money instead of raising taxes on cigars. Go out and get these people who are out shopping for money like this, creating all these claims. I couldn’t agree with you more. My family is lawyers. They’re not trial lawyers.

CALLER: I know they’re lawyers. That’s what I mean. I was thinking, ‘My God, he’s a lawyer, too.’ Listen. They killed off the Catholic Church. I’m a Jew. The Muslims are going to be coming for me shortly. I was planning on having the Catholics as allies. They’re not going to have any money left. The pope’s going to not have any influence. It’s just going to be me eyeball to eyeball, and there’s not enough of us left to put up a good fight.

RUSH: So what are you going to do?

CALLER: I’m going to call you and tell you we gotta work out a strategery, okay?

RUSH: To go after the trial lawyers?

CALLER: Yes! Get them out of government. Or at least put a moratorium for 20 years.

RUSH: Wait just a second. He’s got a point here. The judiciary and the lawyers have gotten themselves insulated from election results?

CALLER: On everything!

RUSH: I know. That’s what OSHA was all about.

CALLER: They’re shaking down corporations for huge money now.

RUSH: I know. Jesse Jackson’s a piker compared to the trial lawyers.

CALLER: That’s what I was going to say. I wrote that down!

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: See? I told you I know you word-for-word. I wrote that down on my sheet of notes so I wouldn’t forget to say that. ‘Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are pikers compared to the trial lawyers.’ Let me tell you how they’re doing it. Oh, this is the 144 IQ part, okay? Ready?

RUSH: I’m ready.

CALLER: Okay, this is how they’re doing it. They’re using com-pu-ters. See, I was working in physics, I told you, and we have to do massive amounts of data. So if you take all the data that they say they’re only taking for security purposes or this or that, every time you fill out a little form, they hack into everything, the Department of Defense, homeland security. There’s no safe data. If you put it in a computer, it is public knowledge. Okay, next, they run these massive data programs, ’til they find out, ‘Oh, it looks like a certain drugstore chain hasn’t promoted enough blacks. We’re going to sue them for racial discrimination,’ although they settle out of court, so we never know who was convicted of what or how, and they get away with a massive payoff and it’s all hushed up. That’s not democracy. That’s like a prescription for disaster.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: When you say you’re trusting homeland security to stop… They were talking about a car bomb in Vegas. I said, ‘It’s not going to be a car bomb. They’re training people in Guatemala to impersonate Mexicans to come over the open border and —

RUSH: Wait. (Laughing.)

CALLER: — the smuggler family, Kennedys, are in charge of writing the border control bill with La Raza, which means ‘The Race.’

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: I mean, this looks very bad, Rush, and I don’t want any more play-by-play, Democrat-Republican. It’s all Skull and Bones people.

RUSH: Ah, we’re closing the loop here. I still haven’t gotten an answer from you.

CALLER: Okay, what do you…? I told you.

RUSH: (Laughing.) No you haven’t.

CALLER: What am I going to do.

RUSH: No. No. Would you listen? (Laughing.)

CALLER: Rush… Okay, what’s your question?

RUSH: My question is for the third time. You listen to me for 15 years. What do you — and this is based on the fact that you’re complaining and I’m just doing play-by-play of a football game.

CALLER: Yeah, you wanted to be a football announcer and they kicked you out because you said something.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: No, you said something that got you in a lot of trouble. I know you were drug addicted. You know what the court system can do to you there. I felt so bad for you. I was hoping you’d make it. You survived, and we gotta come up with something, okay. Ask your question.

RUSH: We’re doing it! That’s the thing. You’ve gotta have some confidence. This recipe of doom and gloom that you’ve —

CALLER: No, no, no. I’m not into doom and gloom. I want the other guy to have the doom and gloom!

RUSH: You are into doom and gloom. You’re in such doom and gloom, you think the only hope and salvation is for me from behind this microphone to go after the trial lawyers.

CALLER: I wasn’t really serious. Really, we’ve got to organize on the grass roots level.

RUSH: Well, if you weren’t really serious how can we determine how much you were serious about other things you said?

CALLER: Okay, really, you have the power, you influence a tremendous —

RUSH: That’s the answer to the question! Would you just let me ask the question? I’m going to ask and answer my own question.

CALLER: Go ahead.

RUSH: The question was, ‘What do you think I do here?’ The answer to the question is, ‘I attempt to inform and educate, to get as many Americans who are ambivalent about the political process to get involved in it because elections do matter,’ and it’s going to take time to get rid of all the infestation that we have discussed today, the people that are in government agencies and all over the judiciary, insulated from election results. But this immigration thing that just happened, and the OSHA restrictions that were just stopped, those are two great examples of exactly how it can work, of how the people of this country can stand up and be counted and get legislators, senators and whoever, to listen and bow down. So those are things to feel positive about.

CALLER: Rush? Rush? It’s not about feelings, okay? It’s about results. We’ve asked men to die —

RUSH: All right, thoughts. Then the American — feelings. The American people can realize here that — what frustrates me is when I hear people say, ‘Ah, what I do is not going to matter. I’m just one person.’

CALLER: No. Bull — I mean, you’re —

RUSH: That just proved that. As to your complaint about the two parties, I’m sorry but there’s a difference. The Democratic Party is run by people who may as well be Marxists. They are certainly being influenced by people who may as well be Marxist-socialists. I’m talking about the kook fringe bloggers and so forth, that they for some strange reason listen to. The Republican Party is nothing like them. They’re not the same, and when Republicans do get too close in appearance, look what happens. Their voters throw ’em out. To hell with the consequences. As happened last November. So the effort here is to inform people how to view things in the Drive-By Media, what they don’t report on, what they do, all these things, and that’s what I do. That’s the purpose. I don’t get up every day looking for something a Democrat did to attack him or her. I don’t look for Ted Kennedy’s name in the news and start salivating. I look at what is in the news, and generally, when I see things that I believe in, people who I believe in being attacked, that’s what I get in gear. When I see traditions and institutions that I love and cherish and adore under assault, that’s when I get in gear.

I’m primarily a defender of the greatness of this country and the people who made it great and continue to make it great. Yet the image is, I’m out there attacking and I have my sword and I’m just going through the villages here. It’s totally incorrect. Now, you’re smart enough to get it, you understand that. I do it because I believe it matters. If I had your attitude about all this, you know, I’d take what I’ve earned, close up shop here and I’d go down to Guatemala so the people infiltrating here will no longer be where I am. Training Al-Qaeda to impersonate Mexicans? (interruption) Well, that’s another thing. I know, he wanted a cigar tax. Stop the cigar tax. See, the cigar tax, in his line of thinking, that’s a derivative of the power of the trial lawyers. I’m just going to tell you this. I know that cigar tax is aimed at me. I am the most high profile, public figure who smokes cigar… Hell, I smoke cigar here every day on the Dittocam. Every picture in the golf magazine, cigar is in there. Golf course picture, smoking a cigar. I am the face of cigars, and they’re targeting me. But I don’t care if they’re taxing those cigars a hundred bucks a stick, they’re going to have to pry them out of my dead hands.


RUSH: Stan in Elizabethton, Tennessee, you’re next, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it is an honor to talk to America’s number one prophet. I want to tell you that 15 years ago you said, and I quote, ‘Because of this program and others that will surely follow, knowledge of the truth will expand exponentially, not the truth. The truth has always been there. But because of this program and others that will follow, knowledge of the truth will expand exponentially.’ You were right. You are in the purest form of the word in both the Hebrew and the Greek, a prophet, which means ‘inspired speaker based in truth.’ Now, when you say ‘talent on loan from God,’ I know what you’re saying, and I know you know what you’re saying. What I want to know is (chuckles), ‘Prophet, what’s up for the next ten years?’

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: No laugh, brother, it’s serious. You know it is.

RUSH: No, I know, I know, I’m laughing because I’ve got limited time to deal with this.

CALLER: I understand.

RUSH: So you’ll have to remind me about this tomorrow, Snerdley, and I will work on an answer.

CALLER: It has been so true, and exactly what you said has happened. The truth has expanded, and there are people who are just scared to death of that happening, and it has happened. So I just want to thank you for holding up your end of the gift.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: It’s not an easy task.

RUSH: Well, okay. I’m very much appreciative of what you’re saying. I thank you very much.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush.

RUSH: I’m a little speechless here.

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