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RUSH: Here’s today’s iPhone winner. We have two more to go. Well, this one is one of the two. The last iPhone tomorrow will be given away. Today’s iPhone winner is Pam E. She’s from Warrington, Pennsylvania. That’s in Bucks County, beautiful Bucks County. They listen to the program there on the big talker WPHT 1210 AM in Philadelphia. Was the winner on Friday a male or female, do you know, when Walter Williams was here? It was a male. All right, so we’re moving in the right direction here. Dawn’s face lit up with pleasure and joy when I announced the name of today’s winner. So she gets the iPhone, eight-gig iPhone. I finally had the chance to take my iPhone on the road and use it. It’s one thing to use it at home. It was flawless. I keep learning more and more things about this thing. It’s really cool. So I’m glad that we got these ten to give away. People are going to love them. Eight-gig iPhone, a check, a little bit less than $1500 from us to Pam and all these winners to help them pay the two-year required service from AT&T, a year’s subscription to the Limbaugh Letter, year’s subscription to the website, Rush 24/7, and a $100 gift card from BocaJava.com.

There’s still one more to go, and you can still register for it. If you’re not registered, it’s free and it’s easy. Just go to RushLimbaugh.com, find the Rush in a Hurry banner, and sign up, put your e-mail address in there, and it’s a free e-mail flash that we send out about an hour after the program each day that summarizes the program, gives you a little idea what the full website update is going to look like, it happens every day. If you miss the program — tsk-tsk — it is a great way for you to find out what you missed and it will remind you that you don’t want to miss it ever again. Rush in a Hurry. It’s just a little summary. Sign up now, and you could be the final winner tomorrow. We’ll have that announcement in 24 hours. So you can bite your nails for the last one.

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