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RUSH: All right, Pete in Napa, California, I’m glad you’re on the program. It’s nice to have you here, sir.

CALLER: Hey, mega dittos, Rush. Fourth-time caller. I’m calling to say I want to apologize for sitting on my hands in 2006. I was one of those disgruntled conservatives, and I know now that it didn’t win us anything. In fact, we got more weak-kneed Republicans and turncoat Democrats in Congress, and it’s something that we don’t need. I have relatives in the Army, and I don’t know how it serves by not being engaged in the political process. If we would have won, if we would have held onto the Congress, who knows what Pelosi and Reid would have done to themselves if the Republicans would have stayed in power? We wouldn’t be talking about cut-and-running and leaving our allies to the terrorists.

RUSH: Oh, yeah we would. They’d still be shouting about it. They can’t pass the resolution in the House even though they run it. Can you name for me the one thing they’ve gotten done?

CALLER: (laughs) Nothing really, other than the minimum wage.

RUSH: That’s it. You’re exactly right. The minimum wage is it, in toto! Everything else is just been a flurry of investigations and harassment and press conferences and so forth. They haven’t been able to get anything done, and their approval numbers are way, way down. Look, things are what they are. It is what it is, and people like you didn’t show up, and some people like you did show up and just didn’t vote for Republicans. It is what it is. Everything in life contains lessons. I’m glad to hear you say that you want to remain engaged in the political process.

CALLER: Yeah. Never again. Never again.

RUSH: Well, remember that you said that.

CALLER: (cackles) I promise. I’ve got family members, their lives are on the line. I’m not going to forget ’em.

RUSH: All right, Pete, it’s great to hear from you. Thanks for the call.

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