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RUSH: Carrie in Athens, Georgia. Welcome to the EIB Network, Carrie.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, I wanted to get your impression of the new British prime minister, and if you believe he’s the new Neville Chamberlain.

RUSH: It’s too soon for that, but I think the guy’s on the road. I just say he’s paralyzed by political correctness. He is a man that’s obviously governing the country every day from the standpoint of fear. I mean, when you have all these doctors that are Islamists, militant Islamists, and in a period of four days, two days, they try to blow up a whole bunch of people with terrorist incidents and you come out and say, ‘Ah, we can’t say ‘war on terror,’ and we can’t identify these people as Muslims,’ even though they’re shouting, ‘Allah Akbar!’ when they blow themselves up in the airport in Glasgow, you know you’re road with somebody who’s scared to death. One of the reasons he’s scared to death is because of how many of them he probably knows are in the country, and he’s trying to make sure that whatever he says does not irritate them and make them any angrier than they are already are, which is the wrong way to go about it. But he’s a typical liberal, and he’s paralyzed by political correctness, and fear. It’s very simple. We’re going to miss Tony Blair, folks. We are going to miss Tony Blair big time.

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