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RUSH: Today’s iPhone winner is Brian M., Riverton, Utah. He’s listening to the Man Who Runs America, you know it and I know it, on KNRS, 570 AM in Salt Lake City. This is the second of ten iPhones that we have now given away, another one tomorrow, and we’ll keep going until all ten have been given away. It’s easy to register to get one. You just go to RushLimbaugh.com and find the banner there for Rush in a Hurry. Rush in a Hurry is a free e-mail newsletter we send out about an hour after the program. It’s a summary of the program. There are some hyperlinks if you want to get a little advanced preview of what the whole website is going to look like when it’s updated around six p.m. Eastern time each and every day. Now, as you know, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t give away things on this program that require our winners to spend money. An iPhone requires a two-year service contract with AT&T. So we’re going to send every winner, like Brian M. of Riverton, Utah, today, not only gets his iPhone, he’s going to get enough money to pay for two years of service with AT&T. He’s going to get a check about $1500, in that range, also gets a year subscription to the website, Rush 24/7, and also a one-hundred-dollar gift card from BocaJava.com, fabulous, sensational coffee, new sponsor here it EIB Network.

All you have to do to be entered in each day’s drawing is sign up for that Rush in a Hurry newsletter and that’s it. There’s no charge, no solicitations, nothing’s going to happen to you. We’re not going to chase you down, nobody else is going to chase down, and it’s a way to expose you to a relatively brand-new feature of our website, and if you get one of these iPhones, of course, our podcasts of each day’s program run through iTunes if you want, you can also download them directly from the website. But if you want to run them through iTunes, you can, and you’ll have it right there on your iPhone or iPod or what have you. So that’s all you have to do, sign up at Rushlimbaugh.com, Rush in a Hurry, if you’ve already done that, you’re registered, you don’t have to go back and do it again. If you are one of the first that signed up for example you are in the pool, and you could have your name drawn at any time, you don’t need to reregister and do it again. So congratulations Brian M. of Riverton, Utah, second winner of our iPhone, the money to pay for two years of service to use the iPhone, a one-year subscription to RushLimbaugh.com and a one-hundred-dollar gift card from BocaJava.com.

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