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RUSH: The libs are over the top over the Supreme Court decision yesterday. Some of the quotes. Hillary Clinton, ‘These decisions take away the right of local communities to ensure that all students benefit from racially diverse classrooms. Recent evidence shows that integrated schools promote minority academic achievement that can help close the achievement gap.’ Ted Kennedy, ‘Today’s decision turns back the clock on equality in our schools.’ Don’t know how it does, but he says so. The Reverend Jackson, ‘The premise is laid for the resegregation of America and the denial of opportunity. Inheritance and access will not be counterbalanced by equal protection.’ Now, all these people are just beside themselves because what really has been dealt a death blow in this decision yesterday, not quite a death blow, but a pretty serious strike was Brown vs. Board of Education, 1954 landmark Supreme Court decision that integrated the public schools.

Juan Williams has an amazing column today in the New York Times saying it’s about time Brown vs. Board of Williams went by the wayside because it’s not applicable anymore. American culture and society has evolved to the point that it’s a relic. He conducted a number of interviews with Thurgood Marshall, who was the NAALCP legal defense fund lawyer in Brown vs. Board of Education who then became a Supreme Court justice, and he said that Thurgood Marshall told him as he was a justice on the court, the purpose of Brown not to integrate schools. The problem was that the white schools had all the money. All the money was being spent, and the black schools were getting by on used books and falling down buildings, so we wanted the integration just to have access to good education. It wasn’t about race, it wasn’t about mixing people. What’s happened is, since then, you know the libs and the teachers unions and so forth have run the schools, we talked about the flight from cities that’s occurring in this country over the last 50 years. Much of the civil rights community is actually resegregating itself. But the schools have more money than they’ve ever had, and education scores, however you measure them, are continuing to plummet, on average in most parts of the country.


RUSH: Let me read to you one thing from this Juan Williams piece in the New York Times. It’s headlined: ‘Don’t Mourn Brown vs. Board of Education.’ He says this, and he’s right on the money. He’s probably going to take some heat for this if he hasn’t already. ‘Racial malice is no longer the primary motive in shaping inferior schools for minority children. Many failing big city schools today are operated by black superintendents and mostly black school boards. And today the argument that school reform should provide equal opportunity for children, or prepare them to live in a pluralistic society, is spent. The winning argument is that better schools are needed for all children — black, white, brown and every other hue — in order to foster a competitive workforce in a global economy.’ Now, how do you think that would have gone over last night if one of those candidates had said this in the All-American Presidential Forum on PBS?

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