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RUSH: Interesting global warming story. Oh. I’ve got actually two interesting global warming stories. The first one here from JunkScience.com, Steve Milloy. ‘Should conservatives give up the fight just as the tide is turning in their favor in the debate over global warming? ‘In the cover story of the June 25 National Review, software company CEO Jim Manzi wrote that conservatives should stop ‘denying’ that humans are warming the planet and instead figure out how to use global warming to ‘peel off’ 1 percent of the vote in the 2008 presidential election. Manzi claims that this strategy could represent a ‘principled stand’ for a ‘clever candidate.’ But Manzi’s strategy, in fact, represents the snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory — and all for relatively few votes of uncertain, if any, political value.

‘Manzi says conservatives should believe in global warming, not because of ‘liberal scaremongering … but because of the underlying physics’ — which he apparently doesn’t grasp in the least. ‘All else being equal, the more carbon dioxide molecules we have in the atmosphere, the hotter it gets,’ writes Manzi.’ Wrong! More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not likely to significantly contribute to the greenhouse effect. It’s just all part of the hoax. But here’s the money quote in this story. ‘For all its alleged concerns about catastrophic global warming, what is the alarmist-friendly Democratic Congress doing about it? The answer is nothing. Though the Senate passed an energy bill last week, it didn’t dare approach the question of mandatory reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. It seems that burdening the economy because of Al Gore’s dubious science may, after all, be bad politics.’

Now, the House of Representatives Wednesday did pass a piece of legislation or a statement affirming the existence of global warming, but nobody is establishing policy to do anything about it. We’re not joining Kyoto, people that live in areas that are supposed to be destroyed by global warming are still raising property values in those areas by creating a mad dash to buy there. My idea earlier in the week of setting up betting lines, take every proposition that Gore makes in this propaganda movie of his and make a betting line out of it. ‘New York City under water in 20 years,’ whatever it is. Then watch and see how many of the proponents actually put money on their own predictions so that they can triple their money, double, whatever, and get rich. And none of them would. None of them would risk their fortunes putting money behind their own predictions. We can all get rich fast because we wouldn’t lose. We would win, because these predictions are not going to happen as Gore and others lay them out.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, the subject of our morning update today, classic. ‘A top Dallas law firm Thompson & Knight formed a dedicated practice of 26 lawyers to handle ‘climate-change’ litigation. Not to be outdone, Vinson & Elkins, another Dallas firm, launched a 41-lawyer climate-change battalion. The lawyers anticipate lawsuits brought by plaintiffs claiming damages due to global warming. Not to mention all the coming legal activity surrounding ‘caps’ on emissions. Already, lawyers are talking with Inuits — a tribe of Canadian Eskimos — who claim their island paradise has been harmed by global warming and are out to sue somebody. American. Houston lawyer Steve Susman says melting glaciers won’t make big legal waves, ‘but wait until the first big ski area closes because it has no snow. Or wait until portions of Manhattan and San Francisco are under water.”

So you got a bunch of lawyers gearing up here, folks. Who they going to sue? If Manhattan ends up under water, who are they going to sue? Who are they going to sue? They’re going to sue somebody. Think John Edwards on this. So here’s how this works. First, liberals invent a problem based on junk science, in this case global warming, and then they promote it via their Drive-By Media allies. Then liberal politicians make laws to protect the supposed aggrieved victims, the little guys. Then a bunch of John Edwards types descend on American companies. The lawyers get wealthy, and then from their wealth they donate some money back to liberal politicians, and they keep the cycle going. This is what’s at stake here. When lawyers start getting in the game, start trolling for lawsuits — they expect this to produce more money, folks, than those giant tobacco settlements. Keep a sharp eye.

Follow the money and understand what’s really going on. This is a hoax. It’s junk science. It’s being portrayed as something to make you scared to death we’re all going to die. You’re supposed to vote liberal for this; supposed to make some sacrifices; pay higher taxes; drive a car you don’t want to drive; live in a house you don’t want to live; live where you don’t want to live; detergent you don’t want to use, all this rotgut stuff, and then at the end of the day even after doing all that you’re still going to get sued or you’re going to pay a price. Or maybe you’ll be a turncoat and hire one of these lawyers. Big rainstorm comes, floods your house, that’s global warming, who can I sue? Well, a lawyer will find somebody to sue for you. Hello, if big tobacco thought that they were in the crosshairs — I don’t know who’s in the crosshairs on this, the US government, but it’s going to be various industries who are said to be polluting and Big Oil will probably be the big target here, Big Oil, Big Natural Gas, electricity, utilities, this sort of thing, it’s coming, you have been warned.

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