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RUSH: Gail in Windsor, Connecticut, thanks for waiting. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: I’m talking about the bill and it came up before I really knew much about it. I happened to hear them say — well, actually I saw Kennedy on TV, and he was so happy, jumping up and down, I thought, this is not good, because he’s too happy. It can’t be a good bill, because if it was, you know, why is he so happy.

RUSH: Very wise of you. Very, very wise.

CALLER: I was born in Massachusetts, and this man, I do not understand why people idolize him.

RUSH: Oh, now, come on, that’s elementary. That’s basic. Last name.

CALLER: Well, Brit Hume was on a couple of weeks ago and I almost fainted because I like Brit Hume, he’s very, very, you know, I just like him a lot. And I almost fainted when they had a love fest for Kennedy. Barnes, and they were talking about how great he is and all the things he’s done —

RUSH: Well, look, it’s the last name.

CALLER: Yeah. If his brother didn’t die, he would never have been senator, there’s no doubt about that.

RUSH: I don’t know about that. This family is American royalty. It’s Camelot. It’s the last name. I think inside-Washington types admire somebody that’s been around 40 years, been pushing legislation 40 — keeps getting elected, wrong all the time, that’s a big deal in Washington. You can survive as long as Ted Kennedy has, your star rises and rises and be as wrong as he’s been, that’s an achievement.


RUSH: Dave in Green Village, New Jersey. Nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Mega dittos, ditto power.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’d like to propose an amendment to the immigration bill.

RUSH: Well, it’s dead. The immigration bill is dead.

CALLER: Well, it is, but this might bring it back to life.

RUSH: They might. They will at some point. It’s going to be back in some form.

CALLER: This might help it. Number one: amnesty for all drunk drivers involved in committing vehicular homicide in July 1969.

RUSH: (Laughing.) July of 1969.

CALLER: It just might help. Amnesty —

RUSH: By the way, that reminds me. We’ve got a bite here from Senator Kennedy. Don’t lose your train of thought, but you’ve reminded me of something.


RUSH: Where are the sound bites? Okay. Sound bite five. Senator Kennedy unwittingly solved the problem here — well, could have — of illegal immigration. You got sound bite five ready to go? All right, hit it.

KENNEDY: We know what they’re against! We don’t know what they’re for! Time and time again, they tell us, ‘We don’t like this provision! We don’t like that provision! We don’t want that part of it!’ Well, they ought to be able to explain to the American people what they are for! What are they going to do with the 12 and a half million, erra, who are undocumented here? Send them back? Send them back to countries around the world? More than $250 billion, buses that would go from Los Angeles to New York and back again? Try and find them. Develop a type of Gestapo here to seek out these people that are in the shadows? That’s their alternative? That’s their alternative!

RUSH: If Senator Kennedy would drive some of the buses, problem solved! (Laughing.) Okay, so you want amnesty for all drunk drivers involved in committing vehicular homicide July 1969. What’s number two?

CALLER: Number two: amnesty for all former KKK grandmasters, or whatever they’re called.

RUSH: He was a kleagle I don’t think he ever reached Grand Wizard status. Kleagle.

CALLER: Senator Byrd.

RUSH: Yeah, Senator Byrd. He was a cyclops, a Grand Cyclops, kleagle. But he voted no on cloture today.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And then the third group and last would be amnesty for any senator in suspicious land deals in Arkansas, Nevada, New Jersey or Illinois.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Speaking of which, have you heard — let me ask you about this — about that this couple in Plainfield, New Hampshire? Ed Brown and his wife Elaine they’ve locked themselves off from the world to avoid serving prison sentences for tax evasion? Have you seen the story of these people?

CALLER: They’re the ones that are in their bomb shelter?

RUSH: Well, they’re in the bomb shelter; they’re on the roof. They’ve got guns. They’re trying to intimidate the Marshals who are showing up and carting them off to jail, and it led me to thinking. Do you think if ten to 12 million Americans decided to follow the actions of Ed Brown and his wife Elaine and just stop paying taxes, do you think if ten to 12 or 20 million Americans said, ‘Screw it! I’m not paying taxes,’ do you think we’d hear things like, ‘Well, we can’t put ’em in jail. We can’t track down these people. Let’s just give them amnesty’?

CALLER: Yeah. Sure.

RUSH: You think that?

CALLER: Well, depending on what we were complaining about. I mean, if we weren’t funding Iraq, then the liberals would have a field day and say it was a great day. If we’re not funding preschool…

RUSH: If there were ten, 12, 20 million Americans that stopped paying federal taxes, they wouldn’t be stopped by anything in tracking us down, finding who those people are, putting them in jail, taking their homes away from them, getting their money, or what have you. The idea that will Ted Kennedy, ‘What are we going to do, round them up, buses, $250 billion?’ They could find ten to 12 million Americans who weren’t paying taxes. They could do it. You know, I moved from New York to Florida in 1997 and I didn’t pay any New York state, city, or other kind of taxes all. In fact, I sent them notes, ‘Sorry, I moved. I don’t like in New York anymore. That’s why you’re not getting any returns’

They found me in five years. They have a whole department that tracks down people that leave New York and go to no income tax states and they said, ‘Well, you owe X numbers of dollars plus fines and penalties for the last five years.’

I said, ‘No, I don’t.’

‘Yes, you do!’

‘Well, I don’t live in New York.’

‘Well, we think you just live in Florida to escape our taxes,’ and they wanted to come into both houses and see which one was the most lived in!

They’ll find you, folks.

They will find you.

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