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RUSH: Here’s Larry in Springfield, Missouri. You’re next, sir. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Dittos, Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: It’s my first time speaking to the great one. I’m quite excited. When I heard your sound bites in the first hour, during the first monologue, from Senator Grahamnesty about what the Democrats will or won’t allow. As you’ve said on many occasions, Democrats in charge is the normal course of things. I guess to Senator Grahamnesty it is also the normal course of things. He didn’t know what the heck to do with the power the electorate gave him, and neither did the other Republican leadership, and they spent like super-duper Democrats, and that’s why they no longer have power. To them, I guess Democrats in charge is normal.

RUSH: You know, with Senator Grahamnesty I think I understand what happened. I think that I can explain Senator Grahamnesty. He was a really solid conservative member of the House of Representatives. He was part of the Freshman Class of 1994, of which I was made an honorary member. During the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Senator Grahamnesty, then-Congressman Graham, served as one of the House managers prosecuting the case against Clinton in the Senate trial. I think this ended up affecting him in a way that he didn’t understand and didn’t appreciate. He was tagged as a kook and so you know what the Drive-By Media did to those guys. So he runs for the Senate in South Carolina, and on the basis of his solid performance as a member of Congress, he wins — and it was appreciated, by the way, by the people of South Carolina that he served as a House manager. When he gets to the Senate, he feels compelled to change his image with the Drive-By Media and with Democrats. He wants to erase this House manager experience, so he throws in with McCain. He sees how McCain does it. That’s why we refered to him here as ‘Vice President Lindsey Graham’ before he became Senator Grahamnesty. So McCain’s out there doing everything he can to get noticed in Washington, and the way you do that is you turn against your own party; you turn against your own president; you make the Drive-By Media your best buddy. You make deals with liberals in the Senate, and you make the Democrats in the Senate think that you’re ‘growing’ and that you’re expanding your universe and area of knowledge. Senator Grahamnesty, I think, threw in with Senator McCain and they became a team and a partnership and so forth. I think that’s what happened to him.

Look, let’s play these two bites. We played these almost three hours ago, and you may not know what Larry in Springfield is referring to, but let’s play a couple bites. Senator Grahamnesty before the cloture vote this morning. This is from the Senate floor.

GRAHAM: You’re never going to deal with this issue until you embrace the 12 million. No Democrat is going to let you build a — a fence and do all the things that we want to do, without addressing the 12 million. That’s never going to happen. I want to address the 12 million. The reason I want to address the 12 million, it bothers me that there’s 12 million people here that we don’t know who they are and what they’re up to. I wish they would go away, but they’re not. It is a problem that America has to deal with, and we want someone else to do it, because we’re afraid that if we do a plea bargain, it’s amnesty.

RUSH: A plea bargain is amnesty! Anyway, you see him saying that no Democrat is ever going to let you build a fence, and he’s also said in the past that his job is to go there — during this debate, not today, but previous to today he has said that his purpose is to go there — and work with Democrats to get things done because I guess they’re the majority, so we gotta work with them. And those who elected him don’t think that’s his job. Those that elected Senator Grahamnesty believe that his job is to defend his own principles and ideals and try to emerge victorious after political battles with Democrats, not get along with them. He’s seen how Senator McCain has prospered over the years as a senator and become a favorite of the Drive-By Media. What he ought to be noticing here, is Senator McCain’s precipitous plummet into single digits in the Republican presidential primary. The two are linked.

GRAHAM: The 12 million will be dealt with. They’re not going to be ignored. They will be dealt with firmly and fairly, eventually. They’re not going to be deported. They’re not going to jail. They can’t be wished away. So we need to come together in a bipartisan manner, have principled compromise, where we deal with 12 million, we deal with broken borders; we get a temporary worker program. To my Republican friends: remember this day if you vote no. You will never, ever have this deal again.

RUSH: To which we all say, ‘Thank God!’

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