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“Hope will not accomplish anything. Hope may keep you alive for a couple of days if you’re in the bottom of a well.”

“There’s a story here out of Albuquerque thatis just laughable: ‘Vehicle Barrier Built on Wrong Side of Border to Be Removed.’ Well, no wonder they can’t protect the border — they don’t even know where the border is!”

“I know how mad you are, and you’re probably thinking, ‘What the hell is the point of caring and being involved?’ Well, the reason you stay involved is because you love the country and you believe in it — and you don’t want to sit idly by and see it inalterably changed.”

“We have a new sponsor today, BocaJava.com — coffee, tea, cocoa, great stuff. So we have coffee, Allen Brothers (beef), and huge cars (Cadillacs); all the things that are supposedly not good for us rule the roost as sponsors here on the EIB Network — and we are proud of it!”

“I don’t know what the barrier is that prevents liberals from getting into radio. We haven’t constructed a fence that says, ‘Liberals, you can’t get into talk radio.’ They’ve tried — and the Drive-By Media has pumped them up like you can’t believe — but they’ve failed.”

“Well, they got their 60 votes, so this bill has achieved cloture. I guess I lit my cigar prematurely today. I was just trying to create good karma.”

“These senators have been effete, they have been unresponsive, and they have been arrogant about this immigration bill. All they’ve done is insult us and view us as an obstacle. They need you on Election Day, but after that, they don’t care about you.”

“So not a bad word about him from former flames of Fred Thompson. What does that mean to you? Dawn won’t comment. The one woman here who could provide insight takes the lam.”

“There’s an ongoing liberal tactic to blame the opponents of this immigration bill as being mean-spirited and racist, and that’s why we’re heated up. We weren’t out there waving Mexican flags one million strong in Los Angeles demanding to be exempt from the laws of this country. They did that on their own.”

“You call here and tell me I just pooped in my pants? I have not done that since I was one and a half!”

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