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RUSH: You’ve gotta hear this. If you have not already heard it. On Univision’s LA-based morning radio show, I don’t know how you pronounce the guy’s name, P-i-o-l-i-n, Piolin, I’m not sure how you pronounce it. Anyway, the host had as his guest, Senator Kennedy, the swimmer. Senator Kennedy was there to discuss immigration reform, but during the appearance he broke into a rendition of song called don’t Give Up On Me, singing it in Spanish.

KENNEDY : Shall I sing my song?

PIOLIN: Yes, why not?

KENNEDY: (Singing Spanish song).

PIOLIN: (Speaking Spanish.) You are a great singer.

KENNEDY: (Laughing.) Well, I thank you. I thank you for that wonderful tribute, and more importantly, I thank you for your soul and your heart, and we are not going to let you down, my friend.

RUSH: So this is on the number one rated Spanish language radio station in Los Angeles. Senator Kennedy — this is indescribable. This is almost as funny as when Senator Kennedy was uttering those syllables that we still don’t know what words he was trying to form. Let’s see, now, what day did this happen? I would be inclined to say that this happened after happy hour had started, but the problem is that this is a morning radio show. But I guess all things are possible. You just heard the guy who has single-handedly pushed — well, not single-handedly, he’s got some help with the White House, but he’s been the godfather of this whole effort to bring as many illegals in and grant them amnesty since the 1960s, and he has been wrong at every turn, and he’s appearing now on Spanish language radio stations thanking them for all of the help and for their heart and soul. Yesterday he was on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, who asked Senator Kennedy, ‘Are you confident that there are enough Republicans on board to pass the immigration deal this week?’

KENNEDY: The reason that we’re going to pass this bill is because it’s tough, fair, and practical. It’s tough on the border. We have put $4.4 billion into border security —

RUSH: Stop the tape a second. We spend that much on rubber bands I bet you at the federal government. Rubber bands, $4.4 billion, paper clips, 4.4 billion for border security?

KENNEDY: — commitment to border security in the history of this country. Secondly, it is tough in work site enforcement, the most vigorous work site enforcement in the history of this country. And finally, we will have a tamper proof card to make sure that we can really have an effective immigration policy.

RUSH: All right, stop this, stop this. This is how it’s done, huh? They come up with a bill, and he says all this is going to happen, just like that, snap of the fingers. Comprehensive border security. We’re going to have workplace enforcement. Don’t you know those people are going to love that job. Workplace enforcement. If it’s this easy to solve problems, why don’t we solve global warming by just lowering the sun’s temperature a couple of degrees centigrade and just have Congress order that done, just say, ‘Okay, sun, starting next week we’re going to grandfather you for a couple years so you can adjust to it, but in two years you are going to be two degrees Celsius cooler when your sunlight and energy reaches our planet than you are now. If you don’t do this, sun, then we are going to pass even tougher legislation on you the following year.’ It makes about as much sense as what Senator Kennedy is saying here about the magic that’s in this bill. One final question, Stephanopoulos says, ‘You mentioned Latino support, yet this week a coalition of four major Latino organizations wrote to Dingy Harry saying that he should pull this bill. Here’s what they wrote. They said that ‘given the fact that our national legislative debate on immigrants and immigration policy has been taken hostage by a small but very well organized group of extreme minded xenophobic and racist political forces it would be impossible to produce an even remotely decent version of systemic immigration policy reform that’s humane, common sense driven, functional, and long lasting.’ They’re strong words and they’re very much against this bill. What do you say to that?’

KENNEDY: We have the DREAM Act that says to every young person that was brought here, probably without even knowing it and have been here for three years and have graduated from high school, that they’ll either be able to go into the military and serve in the military and move towards citizenship or they’ll be able to be eligible to continue their education.


KENNEDY: — those are important —

STEPHANOPOULOS: But your allies aren’t buying it. The people you want to help the most now are turning against the bill.

KENNEDY: I don’t believe that that’s really — there are groups that are opposed this, I understand, but there are a recognition in this country that doing nothing, doing nothing is not an alternative. The problem is going to grow worse. What is their answer, George? What is their answer?

RUSH: You’re not hearing the answer, senator. The answer is enforce the bill that you passed in 1986. The answer is enforce every bill that you passed before that. Enforce current law. It is that simple. Redoing Simpson-Mazzoli in 1986 with some dream stuff in it as you say is not going to fix this, and he knows it, he knows this is not a fix to the problem. Most of the people on Senator Kennedy’s side of this have no intention of fixing this at all. They want the status quo to grow, folks. They’re not trying to fix a damn thing.


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