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RUSH: We’ve heard audio sound bites today from Trent Lott and from Senator Feinstein, and I’m sure that Senator McCain and Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty all feel the same way, that we just don’t know what’s in it, that you don’t know what’s in it, and we in talk radio don’t know what’s in it, and you’re just a bunch of uninformed, extremist boobs who are getting in the way of them doing their job. Meanwhile, everybody talks about how low Bush’s ratings are, Congress’ approval ratings are in the tank. It’s not for the reasons that the analysts here think it is. The people that follow government and think that government’s the end-all, the beginning and end of everything, think that when congressional numbers are low, it’s because they’re not passing the immigration bill, or they’re not getting this legislation done, because all of these people that are government watchers sit there and they define everything that’s good or bad by virtue of what happens with government.

Now, you and I, people who make the country work, have to do what we do in many cases in spite of what government does. The reason that Congress is at a 19% approval number or whatever it is, or even lower than that, is because people are fed up with what they are trying to do, not with what they’re not doing. There is a new level of sophistication on the part of you, the American voter. You understand that they do things that are bad and damaging and they place obstacles in our way, but everybody that watches government thinks they’re so upset over what they’re not doing. Meanwhile, when they analyze Bush’s low numbers, it’s because the American public is very sophisticated. The American public, very aware, very informed, not boobs at all. Why, they understand that Bush is horrible, that Bush isn’t listening to them on Iraq and Bush isn’t doing this. I’ll guarantee you, Bush’s position on immigration is hurting him every bit as much as his Iraq position is with the liberals and the leftists in this country. But isn’t it amazing how informed you are when you give the president a low number, and what a bunch of boobs you are when you give Congress a low number.

Now, guess who happens to be running the White House? A Republican. Guess who happens to be running Congress? Democrats. So, of course, it’s not their fault, it’s your fault for being impatient. They’re not doing enough when it’s not the case at all. They keep telling us we don’t know what’s in the bill, but they haven’t made any effort to tell us what’s in the bill, they just tell us we’re a bunch of fools and idiots because we don’t know. We probably know more about what’s in the bill than they ever intended us to know. But I’d like to turn it around. We have the No Child Left Behind Act to make sure that our little crumb crunchers out there are properly educated. Well, as a man who’s running America, I would like to institute the No Senator Left Behind Test. If it’s important to measure the learning of fourth graders, shouldn’t we see how much or how little our senators know? Some days there’s no difference between them and your average fourth grader. How much do they really know about this bill itself? How much do they know about the fine print, the details that say one thing but mean something entirely different? They say the fence will come first.

This is how they’re trying to get us to come on board. The fence will come first. Well, what does that mean? Does it mean the fence will be authorized first or built first? Does it mean that it will be started, and does it mean it will be finished? I can sit here and tell you, folks, they’re going to do that fence thing first. It could mean any number of things. It could mean they’re going to talk about it first; it could mean they’re going to pass that first. But are they actually going to do anything toward building it? Our intelligence guided by experience on that issue alone says no, there already is money for a fence, and is there a fence? No. When they were building the fence, the illegals were doing it, probably putting escape hatches in it, or entry hatches. Hell, they found a tunnel. ‘Police in Tijuana have discovered a narrow tunnel under the border that was used to smuggle drugs and possibly undocumented migrants into the United States, officials said today. More than 50 tunnels under the U.S.-Mexico border have been discovered since surveillance was increased following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, prompting drug smugglers to go underground to avoid detection. The latest was discovered inside an area guarded by Treasury Department officials where goods to be imported from California into Mexico are held pending paperwork. … Officials were investigating how the tunnel — 32 feet long, about two feet wide and about three feet high — was able to operate so close…’ (laughing) — get this — this just it says all. ‘Officials are investigating how the tunnel was able to operate so close to where federal officials were on duty.’ (Laughing.) Right. It is a very good question.

So how is any other element of enforcement in this bill, if there is to be one, going to be worth anything? How about this, when you talk about the fence, will all of the state, city, and local regulations, environmental impact studies, be nailed down? Or will they be used as a stalling tactic? So where Senator lot, Senator Grahamnesty say, ‘Hey, we promised you we were going to do the fence first but look what we ran into, why, we had impact studies, environmental impact studies. We had to do that, of course, we want to protect the environment. State, city, local regulations are different every county you get into, every city, it’s a monumental task. We’ll build that fence, but we’ve got to move on with the other elements of the bill. And they’ve, in their minds, not lied. They did it first. They didn’t accomplish it in the example that I give you. Another thing they’re trying to do to earmark — you know, we need another word for earmarks. You know what earmarks are? Constituent bribes. There are a lot of constituent bribes in this immigration bill. The fence being done first. Here’s another one. They say the bill will increase merit-based immigration. More skilled workers, more professionals, more engineers, less laborers. But do the senators who are telling us this know when that kicks in? Well, the No Senator Left Behind Test would tell us, and I, Rush Limbaugh, running America, will institute this test. Do you know when it kicks in?

Do you know when it kicks it? I’ll get to that in a second. Do you know when that provision kicks in, the merit-based immigration provision? Does it kick in in one year? Does it kick in in two years? Best I can find kicks in at eight. Maybe it’s six. I’m not sure which. But I’m not even sure if it’s still in there. That’s the thing, we don’t know if it’s still in there. They’re talking about putting this in, all these amendments that are designed to bribe us, will probably never pass anyway, but that’s how these senators who are reluctant to vote for this bill are going to be brought on board. We’ll let you submit your amendment. We’ll let you put your amendment to the bill, and we’ll vote on the amendments, and then the amendments, most of them, will not pass. People have been asking, ‘How can the Republicans fall for this? How is it that the Republicans don’t understand, A, why their own voters are upset, and, B, why this is bad legislation?’ Thanks to the family unity clause, here’s the deal on the table. If you think it’s absurd, you are right. ‘Democrats will allow 15 million illegals to become legal if the Republicans will allow those 15 million to bring in their family members,’ giving us 30 to 45 million, or who knows how many million.

Now, I know that sounds absurd, but that’s a deal Republicans made. Are our senators smart enough to negotiate with these clowns? The father of modern immigration, by the way, is Ted Kennedy, who has really shepherded this thing since the sixties. He’s been wrong at every turn. He’s been wrong every time they tried legislation on this. As to this provision, the bill will increase merit-based immigration. There will be more skilled workers, professionals, engineers, and less laborers. Who’s going to tell the laborers this? Who’s going to tell the low skilled, uneducated laborer, ‘Hey, by the way, there’s less of you people coming in,’ in six years or whenever it is, and who’s going to enforce this? They have no intention to enforce this. Well, you have to understand, and I’m sure you do, is the whole point of this is to have a steady flow of low-wage workers and low wage workers are low skilled and either uneducated or poorly educated, and that’s what I guess these people have decided the United States of America needs to remain the world’s lone superpower. As I love to say, if a steady stream of low income, low educated, or uneducated workers, low-skill workers was the key to a thriving, prosperous economy, Mexico and a number of Third World countries would be leading the United States in every economic measure you would take.

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