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RUSH: Really there is not too much to say about last week. I just played golf. I mean, that’s it. What do you want to know? What else is there to know besides that? I went and hung out with some friends, nobodies that you’ve never heard of. Went to Martha’s Vineyard. Good friend of mine Owen Larkin owns the course. We played Stanwich in Greenwich, Connecticut. Went up to Vermont and played a great old course called Ekwanok. Yeah, went to Vermont. Never set foot in Vermont. I’ll tell you what, for the trip into Martha’s Vineyard and the trip into Vermont, we had to arm up EIB 1. We put some chaff on there in case the liberals saw the tail logo and opened fire on it. In fact, we were on the golf course at Martha’s Vineyard, and two military jets are flying over, and Owen Larkin was, ‘Uh-oh, they have found you. Those planes have probably been dispatched by Senator Kennedy. He may be in one.’ I said, ‘Nope, wouldn’t fit.’

Where else did we go? Country Club of Fairfield, played that a couple times. That’s Fairfield, Connecticut. But this time there were no dinners with Connecticut people complaining and whining about the New York Times. So that was cool. Let’s see, where else did we go? Well, we finished on Saturday at Marion outside Philadelphia and then Pine Valley, across the Walt Whitman Bridge from Philadelphia. Those are two of the finest courses in the country and Marion is going to host the US Open I think in 2013. It was just a great time. But that was it. I flew down to Naples on Wednesday. I had to give a speech to Missouri Automobile Dealers Association. We played the course in Greenwich, Connecticut — Stanwich — and finished there about 2:15, had to hustle home to do the shower, shave, shine routine. I hopped a plane down to Naples, gave the speech and got back, and the next day where did we go? I don’t know. The days all run together. But it was just golf. I played well some days, not so well others, but it was a lot of fun.

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