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RUSH: Let me explain what we did last week while I was out. We have really, really, really upgraded the Essential Stack of Stuff, which was already an amazing collection — a library, if you will — of conservatism and history. But what we’ve done now, we’ve updated each category and we’ve added some new categories and recent issues like the whole controversy over ‘Barack, the ‘Magic Negro,” the little feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger over conservatism that I had. All the recent Rush to Excellence speeches are there.

We also changed the layout so that it mimics one of our home pages, and we put in three columns: one for issues like immigration and global warming; one for specific controversies or people like Scooter Libby, Michael J. Fox, Sandy Burglar; and then there’s a Rush Stuff column: public appearances, the Nobel Peace Prize nomination. You click on each category, and you’re brought to a page with links to dozens of articles on each topic. Some sections now have more than 100 pages. There’s a whole section for example on the Fairness Doctrine as it has been discussed on this program since we began. The new layout lets us have hotter topics up on the list when appropriate.

For example, today, stuff on the Fairness Doctrine is at the top. All in all, get this. We have around 2,500 pages of some of the best stuff that has happened on this program. That is astounding. That alone is worth the subscription price, even without the Dittocam and even without audio streaming of the program, even without the daily transcripts and review of our excursion into broadcast excellence. It really is a library of conservative thought, and I just wanted to pass it on to you. We were working hard last week while I wasn’t, to upgrade RushLimbaugh.com. All you have to do is go to the home page, RushLimbaugh.com, click the Essential Stack link tab that’s at the top of the site.

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