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RUSH: I just saw something on the Drudge Report that has given me an idea, ladies and gentlemen. Listen to this. This is from LiveScience.com. There’s a bunch of online betting sites. You can set a betting line on anything, and one of these sites is USBets.com, and with the long-awaited iPhone hitting the store shelves on Friday — you going to get an iPhone, Snerdley? You going to get one? I don’t use the phone. It’s such a pain but it looks like a cool device. I’d wait for the second or third rev. Regardless, ‘When the long-awaited iPhone hits store shelves this week, no doubt many Apple enthusiasts will adopt early as they’ve done in the past with other products of the company’ Meaning go out there, you know, create a mad dash to all these Apple stores to get one. ‘But just how crazy it gets is anyone’s bet. In fact, BetUS.com figures the odds are 20 to one that someone will get trampled while scrambling to get an iPhone on June 29th. The site has also put odds on how long the batteries will last and whether the devices will be recalled.’ You can bet on all of these things. They’ve put those lines up. The idea for creating these odds and a host of others surrounding the iPhone is spurred by past electronic firsts that have been greeted with enthusiasm but also a slew of unrealized defects and bugs.’ Now, this has given me an idea.

I don’t know how we can do this. I don’t know if we can use this site or maybe do it on our own. But here’s how we could once and for all prove that global warming alarmists are full of BS. We create a betting line on any or all of their dire prognostications. Just go get Gore’s movie, and say, ‘Okay, what are the odds that New York City will be under water in 20 years? What are the odds that Greenland is going to melt,’ whatever is in there, and then let people bet. Now, I would bet against every one of those assertions, every prediction that the global warming people are making, I would bet against. And they won’t. You know damn well that Laurie David will not put her divorce millions on the line, and you know for a fact that Gore won’t put his tobacco cash — that’s where a lot of his money comes from, his book cash or his movie — they will not bet for their own prognostications. All of these people that live in the areas that are going to be affected by the rising sea level, do you see any of them making a mad dash to move? In fact, our property value is increasing in precisely the places where Gore and his cronies are predicting utter destruction. They are. Folks, do you realize how rich we could get here? We would prove that nobody believes this stuff! Even the scientists, even the politicians, nobody would bet that their predictions are right. All we’d have to do is all bet against them and we’d be right on every one of them.

Now, you might have to wait 20 years for payoff. It’s one of the smart things these people have done, ‘Well, 2050 New York City could be under water, 2050 Greenland could melt.’ The point is they would not put their money where their mouth is. None of these global warming activists, none of these scientists would do it. I don’t know what it takes to get a betting line on these sites, but boy, it would be cool if we could do it.

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