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RUSH: Barack Obama. Let me give you this quote from a story. I mentioned this yesterday. He talked about the quiet riot. ‘Obama noted that during the riots…’ this is the LA riots 15 years ago, South Central riots, and he’s talking about a quiet riot brewing in America today because Bush doesn’t care, because Bush isn’t doing enough. This guy was inciting riots. He spoke to an audience of, I think I remember it yesterday, 8,000 people. To talk about a quiet riot that is brewing out there is dangerous, it is reckless. But I want you to listen to this quote from the story when you read further into it. ‘Obama noted that during the riots, a bullet pierced the abdomen of a pregnant woman and lodged in the elbow of her fetus. The baby was delivered by caesarian section, the bullet was removed and the child has only a small scar on her arm to show for it. Using the incident as a metaphor, Obama said society’s problems are worsening because ‘in too many places across the country, we have not even bothered to take the bullet out… When we have more black men in prison than in college, then it’s time to take the bullet out.” Black men in prison, the bullet in the elbow of the fetus of America, that’s his metaphor?

What does this metaphor mean exactly, given that Obama’s party is the party of ‘a fetus isn’t a life’ anyway? Here is a party that does not believe that a fetus is a human life, and Obama is saying there’s a quiet riot out there, and he cites this example of a fetus getting shot because the mother got shot, the bullet lodges in the elbow, they pull the bullet out, the fetus survives, does he realize what a contradiction this is? This is such a tortured analogy, and it is audacious, and somebody needs to call him on it. Can you imagine in a Republican candidate talked about something equivalent to this, ‘There’s a quiet riot brewing out there.’ It would be all over the place, headlines and so forth, about how this is irresponsible trying to incite violence in America. What do you think Obama was doing? This is all to establish street cred, folks, as being down for the struggle. He has to show that he is down for the civil rights struggle, because they have all these pieces that the libs have written. Is he black enough? Is he not black enough? He’s the magic negro, said the LA Times, all of this.

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