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RUSH: You know, I just got nabbed here, folks. I had on my computer screen a DVD of the upcoming opening sketch for Sunday night’s 1/2 Hour News Hour, the one I taped in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, and forgot it was up there, just left it up. I checked the e-mail during the break, ‘Rush, are you sitting there with a couple of naked women? You have pictures of naked women on your computer?’ No, they’re not naked. They’re scantily clad. I’ve taken the picture down. I understand that this could be offensive to some, but it’s the opening sketch, I’m president, of course, on this show, The 1/2 Hour News Hour. It’s 10PM ET on Sunday night on the Fox News Channel, and I’m down at Cabo Wabo on a working vacation, which is a bar down in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Wabo, it’s Van Halen’s bar. I’m not going to say anything about it, but I — (laughing) — was watching it. I just got it Fed Exed this morning, and I was watching it. It’s so hilarious, it hurts.


RUSH: All right. Sometimes this wears me out. ‘Rush! Rush! Rush! You’re wrong. You’re wrong. You’re wrong. Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas is not Van Halen’s bar. It’s Sammy Hagar’s.’ All right, fine. I get out to LA; they show me the script last Friday night and I look at it. Cabo Wabo? I started laughing. ‘I love the way you guys come up with these wacko names.’

‘Oh, it’s a real place. It’s Van Halen’s bar in Cabo San Lucas.’

So I trust the people that wrote the script know that Cabo Wabo is Van Halen’s. Now people are e-mailing me, ‘It’s Sammy Hagar’s place!’ Fine. Correct it. Get it right.

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