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RUSH: Get this story folks from the UK. ‘Asking pupils to put their hands up when they think they know the answer to a question in class could make quiet children fall behind, according to government advice.’ I kid you not! ‘Researchers have identified a group of youngsters aged between seven and 11 who struggle to keep up with classmates despite doing well in previous years. Ministers published a report advising schools how to help these so-called ‘invisible children,’ who often try to avoid drawing attention to themselves during lessons.’ So asking kids to raise their hands, ‘Who knows the answer?’ (Doing little Johnny impression) ‘I do! I do! I know! I know!’ That’s not good, because that humiliates the kids that don’t know the answer or who don’t want to raise their hand because they don’t want to have any attention called to them. The more harmful circumstance here is when you don’t know the answer. I’ll tell you what, we had a long, protracted, and I must say, pretty good monologue yesterday on this show in the second hour about fear and about the country and where we are and so forth. This kind of stuff is just taking over, and we’re turning kids into these little waifs that we think are incapable of accomplishing anything. We’re babying them. We are not pushing them. I know this is the UK, but liberals are liberals everywhere, doesn’t matter, and they have infested education, public education, both in the administrative ranks as well as — not all — but many of the teachers.

This reminds me of that story that I tell a lot. I met a 26-year-old teacher on a Saturday afternoon in a water polo game, got in a heated argument with this woman. She said we were pushing our kids too fast or pushing them too hard or working them too hard, trying to make ’em learn too much too soon, we have to slow down. It’s just the exact opposite. When you’re young is when you have the energy and the ability to do all of this. I read a column by Christina Hoff Sommers, I think it was in the New York Post yesterday, and she was doing a book review. Two guys have written a book on what it’s like to be a guy. How to make the perfect paper airplane; how to get your GI Joe, just typical boy stuff, and it is selling like hotcakes wherever it’s available. I’ll get the title for you. It’s an offshoot of what’s happening, and Christina Hoff Sommers has written about this. She’s got her own book about it, about how public education is totally demasculating boys all the way up through college. Everything is about girls because the girls are victims. They’ve been discriminated against all these years, feminist agenda. I’ll find the name of that before the program is over and pass it on to you.

‘The California Senate voted Thursday to bar employers from denying promotions or raises to workers who juggle job duties with the demands of caring for children, sick spouses or aging parents. One of the first such efforts in the country, the measure would add ‘familial status’ to the categories of discrimination banned by the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act. That law already protects workers from discrimination based on such factors as disabilities, national origin, marital status, age and sexual orientation. But as the number of working single parents and two-income households has increased, so have complaints that employers act against workers with caregiving responsibilities, experts say. … Derek Tisinger was passed over for a promotion to captain in the Bakersfield Fire Department after his chief complained that he was taking too many sick days and trading shifts too often in order to raise his three children, of whom he had custody, according to court records. In one evaluation the chief had written, ‘I encourage Derek to continue to explore alternative methods of providing child care’ so that he could ‘work, as much as possible, with his assigned crew.’ Tisinger won $75,000 from a jury, but an appeals court threw out the award, ruling that California law did not bar employers from taking parental duties into account.’

So the California Senate said, ‘We’re not going to have that.’ So you can’t deny promotions or raises based on a worker’s family responsibilities that affect their work. Hello, France. They tried this in France. This didn’t work. The new president over there is going to have to get rid of it. You ought to go talk to employers about this. I know most people hate the boss. It’s a natural phenomena of human nature. But the boss has responsibilities, too, and that is certain work needs to get done. If you can’t do it, things have to be accommodated. Work has to get done. That’s why you have the job. You don’t have the job for health care. You don’t have the job for unemployment insurance. You have the job because somebody needs the work you are doing accomplished and if you are not the one that’s going to accomplish it, they have to get somebody to do it. It’s just that simple. Now people are going to be saying, ‘Oh, I need a raise, a promotion. Why, I’ve been really good with my family.’ Well, yeah, people assume these responsibilities and then want somebody else to actually take over and fulfill them. So the stuff is going to continue to happen here, folks. California, some of the stuff coming out of the legislature, the assembly out there is just off the wall, and this is the latest example.


RUSH: Now, the name of that book, folks, that I was thinking about is ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys.’ It’s by Conn and Hal Iggulden. They’re obviously not illegal immigrants, and this book is going wildfire out there because it’s so needed. These two guys have written a book, and they call it dangerous, because it’s purely boy things. There’s nothing subversive about it. There’s nothing violent about it. How to make the best paper airplane in the world, just things that boys do that have done for the last ten, 15 years, feminists have tried to wipe ’em out. The feminists have done everything they can to try. By the way, this is true of liberals everywhere, not just the feminists. There’s so many things to help you understand liberals, but one of the best things to help you understand them is they will not say or think or do anything that might lead anyone to believe that they discriminate. That’s why there is no difference between Islam and Christianity or Judaism or Catholicism because they will not discriminate, and particularly if they think people are members of minority groups or victims, then they really, really don’t want to be perceived as discriminating. Boys and girls are not different. Men and women are not different. Remember the TIME Magazine cover in the mid-nineties: New study reveals boys and girls are actually born different. Imagine the mind-set in the newsroom at TIME for that to be news to somebody. They’ve set about trying to make everybody equal, the equality of outcomes, everybody wants to be miserable. Well, they want everybody to be miserable because they don’t think everybody can be happy. Everybody must be the same. Everybody must be equal. Nobody can be better than anybody else, nobody can be different than anyone else.

So what got this boys and girls stuff going on in the classroom was just like this stupid story out of the UK about raising your hand is intimidating to kids in the class who don’t, so we’re going to wipe that out. Well, guess where that started? Girls were afraid to raise their hand. They were not called on, the boys’ hand shot up. They were eager to prove what they knew. This was humiliating the girls. That led to separation of the sexes in the schools, and this whole notion that the girls are being humiliated, the curricula were designed to aid boys, the feminazis got in there, took control of everything, and it made a giant mess out of so much. So these two guys have come along and written a book, ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys,’ because the marketplace works, there is a need for it. It is going to bonkers out there, and I wanted to mention that to you. I literally forgot to make mention of it yesterday.


RUSH: Quentin in Dayton, Ohio, nice to have you with us, sir. You’re up first today.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, great to talk to you today.

RUSH: I know. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, I can show you with three simple laws exactly how conservatives are just as bad as feminists in the destruction of boys and men.

RUSH: You can show me with three simple laws exactly how conservatives are just as bad as feminists in the destruction of boys and men?

CALLER: Yes. They go right along with it. The first one is Congressman Mike Turner has tried to introduce a bill banning civil courts from making custody changes while someone is deployed. This is an issue that I wrote both my Republican rep and my senator about, telling them it needed to stop. It’s against the Soldier/Sailors Act of 1942, but civil court judges ignore it, and they’re totally free to change custody.

RUSH: I don’t deny that there are conservatives that are kowtowing to women. Frankly, we all do at various points in our lives, and they do vote. I understand the custody battle. I’ve heard a lot about it. I know the inequities in that circumstance. Fortunately, they’ve never been a factor in my life. What’s the next one?

CALLER: Oh, Iowa has passed a law making it that you do not have to be convicted, only ‘accused’ to be required to be a registered sex offender. That was pushed by the Republican Party.

RUSH: Wait a second! You’re talking about sex offenders. What the hell is anti-male about that? Do you want sex offenders in your neighborhood?

CALLER: Ah, but it’s ‘accused,’ not convicted or anything — not to mention, if you look at it, women face almost no risk if they are a sex offender.

RUSH: Did this become law?

CALLER: Yes, it is law.

RUSH: It is law.

CALLER: It passed last year.

RUSH: All right, what’s your next one? I’m impressed so far. What’s the next one?

CALLER: The Violence Again Women Act. It specifically excludes men from receiving services even if they have to deal with an abusive spouse.

RUSH: Receiving services? You know, in legal lingo that means something maybe other than what you think. It specifically excludes men from receiving services. What kind of services?

CALLER: Being able to go to a shelter, being able to receive money and legal support in dealing with a violent spouse.

RUSH: Okay. Well, that’s clearly bunk. You’ve given me three examples, but you have to understand what I’m saying here. Conservatism, ideologically, does not hold these beliefs. You might have some renegades out there in the conservative movement: henpecked, the only thing they do behind their wife’s back is zip her up. You never know what goes on behind closed doors, but liberalism, ideologically, is about the destruction of standard traditions and institutions, and you can’t say that about conservatism. I mean, you know better than to try to call me and con me on this.

CALLER: No. Conservatives just call ‘chivalry’ in effect. That’s the only difference.

RUSH: (Groans.)

CALLER: With conservatives, they claim it’s chivalry.

RUSH: Chivalry?

CALLER: Yes. ‘You’ve gotta be nice to these women and you’ve gotta be chivalrous to them, and you’ve gotta help them out.’

RUSH: You do have to be nice! What’s wrong with being nice to women?

CALLER: Well, the problem is they’ve been so busy trying to show chivalry and gain that woman vote and everything like that, that they have literally taken away the rights of men.

RUSH: All right. Let me ask you a question, ‘Are you an accused sex offender and have you lost of custody your kids?’

CALLER: Yes to both.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: And I’ve been cleared on both, and I’m supposed to gain custody on June 6th but the funny part is your spanking ad? I just got a protective order placed against me for spanking my child which prevents me from gaining custody.

RUSH: Spanking? Yeah, I’ve heard about all this. Look, if the word gets out that you — but this is feminism that’s done this. Feminism has tried to establish the notion that all fathers are predators, that their little girls are not safe, their kids are not safe in their homes. All it takes is one phone call to social services from a disgruntled wife or the kid playing a practical joke, and you are being hauled out of there in handcuffs.

CALLER: You’re correct, and conservatives go right along with it. That’s the problem.

RUSH: Yes. I know that. (Laughing.)

CALLER: I wrote any congressman for years saying we needed to do something about this, and I was flat ignored! And then they turn around and pass laws saying that I should be required to register as a sex offender because I was ‘accused’ even though I was cleared.

RUSH: You were cleared of being a sex offender?

CALLER: Yes, repeatedly, many investigations later.

RUSH: Yeah, well… (grumbling). I’m glad to know that because this would have been the first known sex offender to appear on this program had you not cleared that up. Well, look, I appreciate the call. I understand. Conservatism is not monolithic. Well, conservat-ism is, conservat-ives are not monolithic. Liberals are much more so. I’m not trying to diminish the frustrations you feel because I know that they’re real, and I’ve heard them from countless other fathers over my stellar broadcast career, occasionally out of the woodwork these phone calls will come in like this. Keep a sharp eye on custody, because if you’re not careful in there, Snerdley, we’re going to talking about custody like it’s illegal immigration today. It’s a magnet, and I understand that. Quentin, I appreciate the call. Thanks much.

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