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RUSH: Here’s Jan in Evergreen, Colorado, great to have you with us on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks. Greetings from Colorado, home state of Dan’s Bake Sale.

RUSH: That’s right, never forget — were you there?

CALLER: No, I wasn’t. I was in California, and I emigrated to Colorado in ’94, so I missed it.

RUSH: Why did you leave California?

CALLER: Because of illegal immigration.

RUSH: I knew that was going to be the answer. I absolutely knew it was. And have they followed you there?

CALLER: Many have.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: And Colorado is now becoming California.

RUSH: They’re going to go where you go because that’s where the jobs are.

CALLER: Yeah. Rush, do you know of any provisions for health care screening in the Kyl-Kennedy amnesty bill?

RUSH: Are you kidding? I bet you’re talking about this TB case.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Let me answer your question, I have a story here right at the top of one of my stacks. ‘The government is investigating how a globe-trotting tuberculosis patient…’ by the way, this guy is a Naval Academy grad. He’s a lawyer in Georgia. They’ve identified him now. I don’t have his name in front of me, but they’ve identified him. ‘The government is investigating how a globe-trotting tuberculosis patient drove back into the country even after his name was put on a no-fly list provided to border guards. The failure exposed a major gap in a system that is supposed to keep the direst of diseases from crossing borders. Dr. Martin Cetron of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, ‘It’s regretful that we weren’t able to stop that,’ talking about how the man fled when U.S. health officials tracked him down in Rome and told him not to get on an airplane.’ Now, the big question here is if we can’t stop this, and the guy’s on the no-fly list — (Laughing)

CALLER: I know it.

RUSH: — how many others are walking in across the southern border carrying who knows whatever diseases that we’re not stopping? It’s a sad, sad, story —

CALLER: It is. It is sad.

RUSH: It’s going to affect a lot of people, but this is the worst story that could have happened for the pro-illegal immigration crowd.

CALLER: You know, Rush, I think that most Americans believe that this hideous Saturday Night Live compromise legislation needs to go to government printing office trash bin where it belongs because it’s just comical.

RUSH: It’s worse than that, it portends danger.

CALLER: It does. You know, and America as we know it will be gone forever for this goes through.

RUSH: America as we know it, yes.


RUSH: In time, that is a real possibility. But you know, I mentioned earlier, Jan, that the divide here that exists between us, the common, ordinary, everyday people and the elites and the politicians on this is as wide a gap as I can remember since I became a national treasure and host in August of 1988. (interruption) Well, somebody just sent me an e-mail saying I’m a national treasure. It’s a good phrase. Sounds good coming off my lips and out of my mouth. But I’ve never seen this kind of a gap. This kind of a gap this big and demarked by such divergent views on this is an eye opening thing for voters. They’re learning how what they want and what they think they’re going to get are not really important when the politicians really want something. They’re going to ram it down the throats, they’ll do it in secret and private if they have to. This is, in the whole mix of what this program’s primary objective is, and that’s increasing the numbers of people informed and educated in the arena of ideas, this has been — I wouldn’t called it a godsend, but it’s a good development. It’s a nice aspect to this.

By the way, the anger at Washington over this crosses party lines. Democrats are mad about it. I think in this case, I think even the moderates who don’t care about anything until the majority forms are even upset about it. The precious, the beloved, the coveted independents, why, even some of them are fit to be tied over it. They won’t admit it publicly because then they wouldn’t be independent, and the moderates wouldn’t admit it publicly because then they wouldn’t be moderates. Moderates can’t take sides, can’t be judgmental, can’t be discriminatory, at least publicly, because then people would know they’re not moderates. But it’s crossing the divides. The amazing thing is that the political class, the elite class doesn’t understand how this going to come back and bite ’em. They give me no indication that they’re aware of that.

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