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“Fairness, to Democrats, is misery spread equally.”

“Talking about collectivism and having the public have veto rights over CEO pay while Mrs. Clinton hitches rides on a corrupt business owner’s jet while hoarding her own millions that she admits to having — that isn’t what made the country great.”

“Have you noticed the way Mrs. Clinton has been dressing lately? She’s been wearing these Mao suits. She looks like Chairman Mao out there!”

“I was a Boy Scout for a year. On my first camp-out I got the gold brick award because I was just a bump on a log and didn’t do diddly-squat.”

“I had a woman once tell me that if the second toe is longer than the big toe on somebody’s foot, then they come from refined stock. It had me looking at women’s feet for about a year, you know, just out of curiosity.”

“My parents were constantly worried about me: ‘Where is playing Donnie Osmond records going to lead our son? Nowhere.'”

“I’m into inspiring people. I’m into motivating people. I’m almost a cheerleader for this country. All conservatives are.”

“Don’t let those zoo creeps at the dolphin show creep you out. Go out and get the Planet Earth DVD series and watch the dolphins — you won’t worry about them.”

“Talk radio is the most democratic, wide-open forum for the exchange of ideas in the American media today. And that is precisely why the left finds it fearful and wants to do a Hugo Chavez on us.”

“A lawsuit is a mating call to John Edwards.”

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