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RUSH: Royal Oak, Michigan. This is Warren, and I’m glad you called, sir. Nice to have you with us on the EIB Network.


RUSH: Warren!

CALLER: (Laughing.) Hey, longtime listener, fourth time caller. I want to tell you, you had me dancing for joy the other day. I spent a lot of time shouting at the radio, wanting you to get it right, and when you said that they’re letting the immigrants in to pay the Social Security, it came to me about six months ago why both parties want these guys to just come in here, they want the tax money. They want to line ’em up, give them a number, and have those taxes pour in to keep the Ponzi scheme running.

RUSH: That’s part of it. There’s no question. I mentioned this last week. You’re nice to remind me of it. We’ve been aborting 1.2 million babies a year in this country since 1973. That’s quite a drain on citizens. Now we need bodies to pay the Social Security taxes for the baby boom generation, they start retiring. We don’t have enough bodies to do it. And, of course, Washington is not going to reform entitlements. (Gasping.) Too big a risk. So just get these bodies in. The dirty little secret is that they’re going to be a net drain on Social Security because while they may be contributing Social Security taxes, to help defray some of the Social Security of other baby boomers they’re going to have to also receive their own transfer payments because they’re not going to have access to health care, not going to have enough money for kids to go to school, this sort of thing. It’s easier to import the bodies here than to take on the serious task of reforming these problems, which, by the way, is not going to be solved by these people coming in. If it even works, it’s a temporary fix.

But the second reason — it’s very close. The Democrats, by the same token, don’t discount the fact that this to them is a golden opportunity to expand the welfare system. Look, I’m going to stop saying this. I’m sure you’re getting tired of me saying this. I never get tired of hearing myself say things, especially when I’m right, but I can imagine them that after you heard them enough, ‘Okay, Rush, move on.’ But the point is that what is at stake here is the Democrats see a golden opportunity to create a whole new subculture of dependents that are going to vote for them forever. The Democrats, the liberals in this country resent conservatism and its success and its power, they want to take on the traditions and institutions that have made this country great, tear ’em down and rebuild the country in the liberals’ own image, which is a giant governor government, whole lots of victims, people dependent, can’t get by on their own. That’s nirvana for liberals, and that’s part and parcel of this whole thing. Lance in Sonora, California, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir, thank you.

CALLER: Major Tom Sullivan dittos from California.

RUSH: Appreciate that.

CALLER: Hey, I have another take on this, and maybe you can set me straight or not, but I have a feeling that the state department writes position papers on every type of scenario known to man. If someone blows their nose they have a position paper on what to do and what kind of response we may get. I’m just afraid that the United States may have gotten ourselves into kind of a jam with the amount of influx of dollars that is sent to Mexico, that they are scared to death that if we shut down the border completely, without the influx of dollars, that that will destabilize the country and the last thing we want is a revolution to our neighbors to the south.

RUSH: We’ve been through periods of time where the Mexican economy was in dire straits, and so we bailed ’em out. I have received calls from government officials during this period urging me to support the, quote, unquote, Mexican bailout. You know, strip all this away, however it’s resolved, that’s true, too. But it’s only going to perpetuate the problem. None of this is solving anything. It is just delaying the day of reckoning. I appreciate the call, Lance. You’re on to something. There’s probably a whole lot of little reasons here that they’re not ever going to tell us that inspire their support for this, because you know there have to be, folks, because they’re not listening to you on this. They’re going to ram this through. They’re not listening to you. Your opposition doesn’t matter to them. They’re willing to risk your wrath at the expense of getting this done, and there’s got to be reasons that we don’t know because they won’t tell us for this to be the case.

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