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RUSH: Well, I had another one of those famous big-time dinner parties last night, ladies and gentlemen. Another august guest list. This time, it was a retired high-tech mogul — not going to mention any names here because it’s not the point. I don’t think the retired high-tech mogul had been informed that I was going to be there. He looked a little stunned when I walked in and said, ‘Ah, the last place I ever thought I would be is having dinner with Rush Limbaugh.’ Then he started talking about how rotten Bush is. I was my usual charming self, and I refused to take the bait out there. I said, ‘Look, I got my own disagreements with President Bush, they’re probably far different than yours are.’ His were based totally on Iraq. Mine are based on this immigration business, some of the spending. Then he starts to say, ‘Well, look, it’s going to be a contest on who’s the worst president in American history, your guy or Nixon.’ And I said, ‘Well, by the time you and I are both gone, both of those guys’ historical legacies is going to be far better and far greater than what you think.’ It ended. Well, folks, no fireworks started. There were attempts by the host once again to start the fireworks, but I refused to do so.

The woman that I was seated next to is in a contest. Have you heard of this show, Hottest Mom in America? I sat next to the contestant on this show. Apparently it’s already done. Everybody is trying to get her to divulge whether she won it or not, but she of course wouldn’t. It’s like when you go on Survivor, you gotta sign all kinds of confidentiality agreements. But anyway, it was great. It was a late night out there, ladies and gentlemen.

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