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RUSH: I better get this in now while I have a chance to get it in, because the way things are going here, when I head back to the phones out there, it’s going to be all immigration all the time. Nancy Pelosi went over to Greenland, as you know, to hold global warming talks, and while she’s doing this, of course, late May snowfalls are occurring in the United States and Canada and England. There’s horrible weather in England. Snow, rain, ice over the Memorial Day weekend. I have to tell you something. This has been one of the strangest weekends that I can recall in late May down there. This is all anecdotal, but I played golf a bunch of this weekend, and it wasn’t hot at all. The temperature was 82. There’s a high-pressure area out there that’s circulating winds at 30 miles an hour gusts and it’s cool. The breezes are cool. I don’t know about where you people are inland but out on the beach where golf courses are — and it was not uncomfortable. I’m just saying by this time usually it’s 82 by 11 a.m., and in the mid- to upper eighties by three or four in the afternoon. It hasn’t gotten anywhere near that. Now, we haven’t had any rain. We’re in the drought and so forth, but it has been cold, and it has been unseasonably cold in a lot of places.

Snow in Colorado. Snow in Great Britain. Snow in Canada. It’s not unheard of. This has all happened before. There’s no weather event that is unique. It’s all happened before, long before us. So you can’t tie it to anything. Well, you can’t tie it to man-made global warming and stuff. Before I get to the Nancy Pelosi story, though, there’s a great piece here from the Toronto Sun by Tom Harris and Dr. Tim Ball, and their headline is: ‘Prove It! — Prove it! That’s how we must respond whenever governments ban established products to ‘save the planet.’ If politicians can’t validate their schemes with comprehensive and unbiased scientific studies then they should stop telling us how to live our lives. Take the recently announced ban on incandescent light bulbs. The federal government’s ‘Action on Climate Change and Air Pollution’ boasts the ban ‘will give Canadian consumers real opportunity both to save money on energy and to help clean up our environment,” and these guys say, ‘Prove it!’ They run around and make these claims. Prove it!

‘Show us the results of comprehensive life cycle analyses that demonstrate the energy savings accrued when operating a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) more than compensates for the increased manufacturing and mercury disposal impacts associated with [these bulbs]. Prove to us that the loss of convenience and light quality of the incandescent is off-set by a significant net environmental benefit. Or many Canadians will conclude the move was purely political, designed to look good in the press and trump the NDP who had a private members’ bill banning incandescents in the works. Looking ‘green’ is no longer good enough — governments must demonstrate their decisions really are green if they expect to be seen as anything other than political opportunists.’ I like that, and it’s one of the things that we can attach to virtually any of these claims that are made. This is Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters.com:

‘[I]t’s Memorial Day weekend, snow is still falling in parts of America, England, and Canada, and our House Speaker is traveling abroad to discuss the global warming crisis…. What’s potentially more comical is that Nancy Pelosi probably doesn’t get the joke, and the press will likely hide the delicious irony so as not to allow the citizenry to get distracted from all the climate change hysteria. … the Associated Press: ‘Pelosi, D-Calif., and seven other House members left Saturday for meetings with scientists and politicians in Greenland, Germany and Belgium on ways to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.’ [KFYR-TV:] It’s May 26th, Memorial Day weekend. Normally, there’d be kids playing on this playground right about now, but instead it’s windy, cold, and there’s snow on the ground.’ A bit to the north, as reported by the Calgary Sun: ‘Homes were left without power, downed trees damaged dozens of cars and school was cancelled for thousands of kids as a blast of record snow slammed many parts of southern Alberta yesterday… The wintry blast topped the previous snowfall mark of 5.1 cm for May 24, set in 1911, with communities on the city’s northwestern edge among the hardest hit.’

‘The Sun: ‘BRITAIN looks set to be hit by Bank Holiday SNOW today.” They call Memorial Day, Bank Holiday. ”Heavy rain is forecast for almost everywhere, but areas as far apart as northern Scotland and East Anglia could turn white.” Never mind. Nancy Pelosi says she’s saw it! After an exhausting weekend looking at the weather in Greenland, Pelosi says it’s our fault, by the way, Bush’s fault. She saw ‘firsthand evidence that climate change is a reality, and she hoped the Bush administration would consider a new path on the issue.’ By the way, speaking of that the ‘Bush administration environmental advisor says the USA rejects the European Union emissions targets ahead of the G8 summit,’ so we’re thumbing our nose at them on this. ‘The California Democrat, Pelosi, pointed to her delegation’s weekend trip to Greenland ‘where we saw firsthand evidence that climb change is a reality, there’s just no denying it. It wasn’t caused by the people of Greenland. It was caused by the behavior of the rest of the world,” and therein lies what this is all about.

It’s warming up in Greenland, she says, but it’s not Greenland’s fault, no! No, no, it’s ours. It’s Bush’s fault, and of course the response to this is: Prove it! Prove it! Don’t just sit there and be considered big-hearted and have a lot of concern and care. Prove it! But nobody is demanding that they prove it. She went to Greenland herself. Why, she went to all this trouble. It must be fact. This is no different than if they start asking you to send in home videos of local evidence for global warming and reporting it as fact, and that’s going to happen someday. America’s Funniest Home Videos is going to be America’s Funniest Home Videos That Prove Global Warming! Sunday nights, 7:30, ABC. Make sure to set your TiVo. It’s ’caused by the behavior of the rest of the world,’ meaning the free world, the advanced world, Western democracies led by the United States.

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